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Cigar Humidor Construction help!?

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Lonnie Ramirez
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My fathers birthday is coming up here in the next month, so i thought of the idea of building him a cigar humidor box in my manufacturing class. I have never built anything like this before so i was just wondering if the more experienced cigar community can help me out. I am building a box approximately the same size as a shoe box and i need a few pointers for constructing the humidor.

  1. What materials/objects should be inside the box in order to keep the cigars humid and fresh?
  2. What conditioning needs to be done to the wood (interior and exterior)?
  3. And any other tips or pointers that you guys can give me to ensure a quality cigar humidor would be greatly appriciated!

Thanks in advance

Melvin Allen
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If you want a box full of musty, ruined cigars, follow Brian's advice.

The humidor actually needs to "breath" for the cigars to stay fresh, it's the amount of "breathing" that is hard to regulate.

If your cigars were meant to be completely sealed up, humidors would be made that way, totally sealed from the elements, not natural wood, that "breaths" naturally.

Building a humidor is a wonderful gesture, but a difficult undertaking to say the least.

Buying a nice humidor for your father would be the best way to go, unless you are a master carpenter, with a shop full of high quality tools and machines.

The construction has to be almost perfect to be of any use.

But, if you are going to, use only white cedar for the interior - NOT RED CEDAR - red will ruin all of the cigars, it's too aromatic. The exterior can be any wood you want.

Hope this helps.