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Air Purifier for cigarette smoke?

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Jerome Peters
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I don't smoke in my house. I smoke in the garage. But now that its cold and the wind seems to love to sweep into the garage way and make it almost impossible to smoke. I was wondering if they make like an air purifier for cigarette smoke? Where can I get one, etc..

Earl Ford
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Smoke is in fact not all that easy to remove from the air.

Although the problem with using an ionic purifier is that they do emit Ozone which is toxic and as another person quoted an irritant to your throat and lungs.

There are a however a few ionic purifiers which do not emit ozone and are extremely effective at not only removing smoke but also VOC's which are Volatile Organic Compounds of which a lot of cigarette smoke is made of.

The first hybrid air purifier to come to mind would have to be the Sharp Plasmacluster, it has developed a new technology in the field of ionic purifiers, it emits both positive and negative ions and produces no harmful Ozone whatsoever.

The Sharp Plasmasluster will filter airborne viruses as well as dust particles and pretty much any other airborne nasties that you can think of.

Another one is IQ Air, although these are mostly used in hospitals, and I am not sure if they emit ozone or not.

Hope I have helped.