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Beginner at smoking? How do you smoke a cigarette?

Peyton Hunt
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I'm 19 years old. I'm interested in trying out my first cigarette. I'm scared to try it because I'm afraid that it will burn my lungs, I'll get sick, I'll get addicted, or my parents will get upset. What's the first time like? How do you smoke a cigarette?

Riley Bryant
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Hello Peyton. I want to say first and foremost: don't touch them if you're afraid of getting addicted. While the first time probably won't have you hooked, it's just not a bright idea. I still struggle to not smoke to this day, and I smoked for only a few years of my life.

Ultimately, however, I will say what it is like. Smoking your first cigarette feels and tastes like ****. You will cough your lungs out on the first inhale. You cannot burn your lungs, but you sure can get yourself one hell of a spasm of coughing that won't go away easy. By the end of the cigarette, you will reek, your head will be swimming, and you'll probably feel pretty nauseous, all of this assuming that you managed to actually finish the cigarette. The second cig is much easier, but if you've gotten that far, you've pushed too far. The nicotine in your system only needs to be there once to get you hooked for some people. Cigarettes shave the years off your life quicker than you think, though I will admit some people die much younger than others from it. Overall, it's just a stupid idea, though.