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Are all hookah hose...
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Are all hookah hoses universal fit?

Jerome Hanson
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I just bought a 16 inch hookah and the hose on it is a piece of crap so I was thinking of buying a new hose. I'm particularly looking at a Nammor, but they are the biggest hose you can buy and I'm not sure if it will fit. Anyone know?

Edward Holland
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Nammors are big hoses. I have some Mya's and they are a little temperamental at times because the hose end won't fit in there perfectly Because it's to wide and heavy for them.

Trick around this I have found is doing this:

  • Grab a normal hose grommet, not the ones your hookah or hose comes with.
  • Then shove the grommet on the hose end about half way down. Then put the hose in the hookah.
  • You can sand down tip a bit, I don't recommend doing it because I am weary about doing anything like that but you may feel up to it.
  • Check out the Disco Nammor also, Hit's just like the regular Nammors, only this one has LEDs!