5 Best Churchwarden Pipes
5 Best Churchwarden Pipes
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Lilka Classica
Extra Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe
14 Inches
Rosewood Bowl
Cool Soothing Draw
Mr. Brog
Tobacco Smoke Pipe - Churchwarden No 14
Pear Wood Roots
3mm Reusable Stinger Filter
F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe
Bowl Chamber Depth: 33.2
Comes with a Gift Box
Gstar 16 Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift Box
16 Inches
Bowl is NOT Detachable
Comes with a Gift Box
Lilka Classica
Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe 14
14 Inches
Rosewood Bowl
Comes with a Gift Box

Video Tutorial: Churchwardens

My name is Jacob Williams, and I’m a logistics manager. My job is full of nervous moments; therefore, I started to smoke 8 years ago. I like to do different tricks with smoke using cigarettes, hookah or vape. That’s why my friends called me “Smokeprofy”. I started this blog to share my experience with you, and I hope it will be interesting.

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