Boveda 69% Humidity Packs Review
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Boveda 69% Humidity PacksProtect smokes in a travel humidor—whether you enjoy premium cigars while golfing, skiing, camping, boating or just out for the day. As soon as you take cigars out of a humidor, fluctuating humidity levels cause cigars to lose essential oils and flavors and affect smokeability. Preserve the craft of cigar makers who expertly blend tobaccos and perfectly balance the filler, binder and wrapper. Simply place Boveda packs in a portable humidor, then close the container, it’s that easy. Boveda precise humidity control packs automatically restore and maintain humidity in any type of cigar storage—travel humidors, humidor bags or cigar cases. Keep cigars ready to smoke with Boveda’s patented formula that uses all natural salt and water in its pack to ensure an exact Relative Humidity (RH).

Boveda 69% Humidity Packs Pros and Cons


  • Boveda creates a monolayer of purified water molecules
  • Resealable high-barrier plastic bag is factory sealed
  • 2 years before you’re ready to put them to use


  • unhealthy

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  1. If you live in a dry environment or want to make sure that your cigars are kept at the right humidity, Boveda 69% Humidity Packs will work great. These packs contain salt-water solution and activate when exposed to air with less than 50 percent relative humidity. They come as small packets which can be placed inside cigar tins & humidors so they don’t take up too much space – just use one per 25 cu inches of storage space for optimal results

    If you’re looking for an easy way to ensure that your cigars remain fresh, try out Boveda’s 69% Humidification Packets made specifically for people who need their product delivered quickly via mail order services before leaving on vacation trips far away from home.

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