GERUI Cigarette Machine Review
GERUI Cigarette Machine Review
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GERUI Cigarette MachineNew packaging upgraded. Voltage: 110~240V optional; Material: ABS and stainless steel. Fashion and efficient design. 100% Brand new and high quality rolling machine, includes adapter, plugs, brush and stir bar.

GERUI Cigarette Machine


  • Brand new and high quality
  • The machine operate simply, and the function credibility.
  • Everyone could be the great cigarette operators


  • Automatic

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My name is Jacob Williams, and I’m a logistics manager. My job is full of nervous moments; therefore, I started to smoke 8 years ago. I like to do different tricks with smoke using cigarettes, hookah or vape. That’s why my friends called me “Smokeprofy”. I started this blog to share my experience with you, and I hope it will be interesting.

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