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5 Best Smell Proof Containers

Most recommended
Herb Guard
  • Smellproof
  • Built In UV Protection
  • Built to Last

A good choice too
  • Smellproof
  • Premium 600D Polyester
  • Dual Mesh Pockets

A good choice too
  • Waterproof
  • Smellproof
  • Perfect size

Herb Guard
  • Smellproof
  • Built In UV Protection
  • Built to Last

  • Waterproof
  • Odor Resistant
  • Customizable Foam Interior

Smell proof containers will be a great benefit to hold your preferred tobacco blend healthy when you’re traveling to avoid the odor from spreading. Aside from holding tobacco discreet and fragrant, a high-quality bottle or bag means that the blend inside stays intact from the water and does not lose its rich scent and taste.

After substantial testing, the experts identified the top 5 best smell proof containers that will keep your tobacco stash secure and flavored during safe transportation. You may also use these containers to keep tobacco fresh at home using one of these options. It may also be a perfect way to render your space smell-proof for improved protection and odor tolerance.

Do not hesitate to check the comparison table to find a few useful specifications for each product. The buying guide will give hints about choosing the best smell proof container for your daily needs.

Herb Guard Smell Proof Stash Jar– the best for UV protection!

Herb Guard - Half Oz Smell Proof Stash JarThis Herb Guard smell proof jar is supplied with a special humidity UV pack to prevent tobacco from getting dry for a few months. This product is built to safeguard your privacy with a safe, compact and compact style.

The container is constructed of Miron glass that prevents dangerous UV rays from penetrating the container and damaging its contents. It’s robust, strong, and it’s made to last. Miron glass, unlike other lenses, is thick and built to survive drops and falls.

Also with Ultraviolet Safety, the interior of a container may become a dry area. The best way to guarantee that the perfect humidity is preserved is with a humidity pack.

  • Airtight seal;
  • UV protection;
  • Discreet design;
  • Comes with a humidity pack;
  • Durable;
  • Can withstand breaks and cracks;
  • Scratch resistant;
  • The lid is made of cheap plastic;
  • Cheap stickers;
  • Expensive – over $20;

This container is designed with an airtight lid lock in both flavors and smells. The jar package fits inside a professional-looking gift box, making it the ideal gift to reward yourself or your mates. This is an expensive container, but it is still bigger than other tobacco stash bags and cans.

TUS Smell Proof Bag– the best for design!

Smell Proof BagThe TUS product is a carbon lined storage sack with an airtight seal. This odor-proof bag measures 11″ x 6″, making it the right size to carry in any backpack or keep on your side.

The linen, made of activated carbon, is a useful feature. Two mesh pockets provide a divider for more delicate objects such as glassware, pipe accessories, keys and other sensitive items.

  • Sophisticated design;
  • Made of durable 600D polyester;
  • Good smell-proof properties;
  • Has the wrist wrap;
  • Activated carbon lining;
  • Can become a good gift pick;
  • Dual mesh pockets;
  • Quite small;
  • Velcro seal only;

An inexpensive TUS bag is made to keep your things clean, private and, most of all, to keep your items odor-free. Utilizing Activated Charcoal as the internal lining of the bag, scents and smells are consumed and blocked, keeping them from spreading to the surrounding environment. Although some customers are not used to Velcro, they found it very effective.

CLOUD/TEN Mini Smell Proof Resistant Case– the best for waterproof property!

CloudTen Mini Smell Proof 5 inch Odor Resistant Case CompatibleThe Cloud/Ten case is built with a special seal technology that prevents smell leakage. The crushproof, tough protective shell combined with soft, rubber inner liner preserves the contents of the case from impacts and potential damage during transportation.

This model has a pressure-release pin that can be removed to allow for air pressure. Other bags feature carbon liners that actually consume odors, but these waterproof cases prohibit odors from leakage at all.

This is perfect for both holding the smells in and securing your pipes and tobacco stash. In addition, foam is removable and flexible for improved organization. It also has an ergonomic holding handle and a padlock slot to hold your things safe.

  • Crushproof;
  • Waterproof;
  • Airtight seal;
  • Rubber lining;
  • Pocket-size;
  • Travel-friendly;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • The airtight lock is not included;
  • Quite small;

This container may be the ideal way to hold your accessories discreetly packed in your vehicle or around the building. Being only six inches in length, this is the right size for a glove box in your vehicle.

Herb Guard 2 Oz Airtight Container– the best for the size!

Herb Guard - 2 Oz Airtight Container and Smell Proof Stash JarAnother airtight container by Herb Guard is a large UV-protected glass jar. Also it includes a Boveda humidity pack. This container is designed to preserve tobacco, herbs, spices, coffee and dried food with a sleek and elegant style.

The container is made of durable Miron glass, which prevents dangerous UV rays from penetrating the container and damaging its contents. The bottle only prevents any unhealthy rays and only enables UV-A Light and Infra-Red Light to get in. Such a product can keep the stuff inside and block dangerous lights. UV light may destroy and dry up any contents that are kept in containers without such protection.

Each Herb Guard container comes with a Boveda humidity pack to keep your products fresh for weeks and keep them from soaking or drying.

  • Humidity package;
  • Airtight seal;
  • The largest size;
  • Discreet design;
  • Durable;
  • UV protection;
  • Not travel-friendly;
  • Pricey;
  • May break if dropped;

This product can be a perfect option for a bigger, more homebound jar. It keeps up to 1 oz of goods, safeguards against UV rays, and features a high-quality glass interior.

CLOUD/TEN Medium Smell Proof Case – the best for the lid!

Cloudten Medium Smell Proof Case 8 inchAnother Cloud/Ten smell proof container is a medium-sized case for keeping your tobacco fresh. The crushproof, protective exterior shell combined with two layers of completely adjustable pre-coated foam covers the contents of the case from impacts and injury during flight. Keep your stock fresh and your items covered by a luxury Cloud/Ten case.

  • Travel-friendly design;
  • Stealthy design;
  • Durable lid;
  • Made of blow-mold plastic;
  • Customizable foam interior;
  • Comes with 3 airtight reusable bags;
  • Not large enough;
  • Not waterproof;

The interior of the lid has a lining that has 2 layers of additional foam. Also, it is equipped with a valve to equalize the load, but it stays airtight when closed. You should be confident that the glass pipes are not going to crack.

The Buyer’s Guide

The smell-proof factor

It may seem like an easy factor, but you’d be shocked to hear that thousands of smokers are purchasing the containers composed of thin material to hold their stash, thinking they’re smell-proof.

Some local labels often say that their bags are odor-proof when they’re obviously not or don’t give the kind of scent-resistance you’d need.

If the cloth used for the bag is not a high-quality, dense product, it would do a bad job to hold the scent away. The fragrance of products inside is bound to spill out and spread out, exposing what you’re bringing to all.

In addition to the dense fabric, confirm that the bag utilizes carbon technologies to counteract the scent.

Carbon technology utilizes activated carbon that removes odor and absorbs toxic gasses and contaminants in its pores. Doing it offers relief from the offensive bacteria that keeps the odor from escaping out. Carbon has been processed to improve the absorption properties such that it can easily absorb scent and scent. Typically, activated carbons guarantee that the products inside are kept tasty and odor-free for 6-9 months.

Size and design

Smell resistant containers come in varying styles and shapes to accommodate a wide variety of applications. You may use lightweight and compact bins for a few days of travel, whereas bigger bags/jars/containers may be used for long-term trips.

Even, some of the best containers come with optional mesh pockets. These pockets are useful to have your accessories quick to reach and prevent shuffling about inside the pack.


The picked material and reliability is another significant thing to consider when choosing a smell-proof container. In general, such jars and containers should be constructed of top-notch materials and are meant for long-term use. For instance, such jars are made of Miron glass. The material typically picked by most aficionados for safe tobacco storage is dark glass. This material can block UV rays and protect tobacco instead of getting dry and odorless inside a jar. 

However, it is a bit different for odor-proof bags. They are often constructed of inexpensive materials and will only survive for a limited period. But that’s not ideal, since you don’t want the products to be affected or the smell to start escaping after a few weeks of storage.

In the case of stash pots, you can check whether it offers UV protection and comes with any humidity pack to combat the moisture within the container/bag/jar (a crucial move to prevent the stash inside from drying out).

In-built locks

Getting an extra layer of protection is always useful and it will shield your stash from unwelcome visitors. It also prevents people from snooping about and breaking into your container. Then you will be able to open and control items inside by putting up a combination lock. Many high-quality containers come with a pre-sewn lock or sell it as a separate item.

Other features to look for in smell proof containers:

  • An extra feature is a grinder for tobacco;
  • Waterproof properties;
  • Durable lid;
  • Discreet design;


What are the best smell-proof containers?

The containers that are most often recommended by experts are made of stainless steel. This metal is durable, strong, and doesn’t absorb smells as plastic does. It’s also more expensive than other materials used in some smell-proof containers. The benefits outweigh this small inconvenience for many people though because it can be used for years without discoloring or losing its function.

How to make a smell-proof container?

The best way to make a smell-proof container is by using the right type of material. Some materials are great for tobacco, while others aren’t. You can also buy containers that come with odor blockers or absorbent lining inside them to keep smells at bay.

Another way to make a smell-proof container is by using certain types of tape. Some people may use electrical or duct tape, but they aren’t the best options as they can attract smells and moisture. You should instead go for masking tapes that are made out of different materials such as latex, rubber, or acrylic adhesives. These tapes will not only seal in the smell, but they will also be moisture-resistant.

What can I use as a smell-proof container?

You can use anything that has a tight seal. Some common items are mason jars, Tupperware with snap-on lids, and bags with press lock zippers.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can also buy smell-proof containers. These come in all shapes and sizes and range from small pouches to large storage bins.
Be sure to choose a container that is airtight and will not let any smells escape. Otherwise, your efforts will be wasted!

Do odor-proof containers work?

Yes, they work very well. They are designed to keep odors from leaking out so all you smell is what’s inside your container. They are usually clear so you can see what’s inside.

Is an airtight container smell proof?

No, an airtight container is not smelled proof. While it will help to contain any smells, if the container is opened, the smells will escape.

What materials are smell proof?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different materials will block smells differently. However, some materials that are often used for smell-proof containers include stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. These materials are durable, non-toxic, and do not absorb smells.

If you’re looking for a more portable option, some smell-proof pouches and bags are made out of different materials such as latex, rubber, or acrylic adhesives. These tapes will not only seal in the smell, but they will also be moisture-resistant.

How do you smell proof a jar?

You can use activated carbon to remove the smell of tobacco. You then place that into an airtight container with your weed inside.

Do not use plastic containers. This is because they are porous and you can smell the weed through them when it touches your lips or mouth. Do not place tobacco directly in a large jar with activated carbon, this will make it difficult to remove all of the marijuana out of the jar without touching the activated carbon inside. Use small Mylar bags to hold your marijuana and place those inside a plastic jar.

Are waterproof containers smell proof?

No. While they are great for items like headphones, chargers, and other electronics that you want to protect from water damage, waterproof containers don’t seal out smells. There is no such thing as a smell-proof container unless it has an airtight seal or utilizes absorbent material inside of the canister itself (such as activated carbon). To keep your tobacco smelly-free, you will need a smell-proof container.

Are Pelican cases smell proof?

Pelican cases are watertight and airtight, making them a great option for smell-proof storage. However, they are not 100% smell proof, so you may still notice a faint odor if the case is opened.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Smell Proof Bag

Final thoughts

There are literally thousands of smell proof containers/bags/jars to choose from. But not all of them are fully protected to prevent the tobacco smell from spreading around. The cost of such smell proof containers often range from product to product, so assign a mid-size budget and opt for better quality and value with money product instead of the cheapest option.

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