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Proposed Bill to Cap Illinois Cigar Tax at 50 Cents

What’s the Deal?

Recently, a bill was introduced in the Illinois legislature that could could provide a huge break for cigar smokers in the state. The bill proposed by State Rep. Jonathon Carroll, H.B. 5550, if passed, would cap the state’s cigar tax at 50 cents per cigar. Currently, cigars are taxed at 36%. The rate doubled from 18% in 2012. This tax has been a major burden on cigar smokers in Illinois, so this proposed bill is welcome news.

“This bill corrects something in the taxation system that really hurts some of our local merchants,” Carroll said. “People have more of an incentive to order cigars from out of state than buying them in Illinois.”

The Implications of this Bill

If this bill passes it will be a major boon for cigar smokers in Illinois. It means that they will no longer have to pay the exorbitant Illinois cigar tax just for enjoying their hobby. This could also lead to an increase in sales of cigars and other tobacco products throughout the state as smokers will no longer be deterred by high prices due to taxation. This could result in an influx of revenue which can then be used to benefit other areas of the state economy.

The supporters of this bill believe that it will help create jobs and stimulate economic growth throughout the state by making cigars more affordable and attractive to consumers. In addition, local businesses who sell cigars will benefit from increased sales as well as increased foot traffic from customers who may not have otherwise purchased cigars due to high taxes.

Opposition to the Bill

Not everyone is supportive of this proposed bill however; many anti-tobacco activists are against it because they believe that it will lead to an increase in smoking rates among youth and adults alike. They argue that reducing or eliminating taxes on tobacco products makes them more accessible and thus increases demand for these products which can harm public health overall. They also cite studies which suggest that increasing taxes on tobacco has resulted in lower smoking rates among adults and teens alike, so lowering taxes could reverse any progress made thus far with regard to decreasing smoking rates across Illinois.


In summary, while some people are opposed to capping cigar taxes at 50 cents per cigar due to public health concerns, others are hopeful that it will bring positive change for both consumers and businesses alike by stimulating economic growth and creating jobs throughout the state. It remains to be seen whether this proposed bill will pass or not but either way it is sure to spark debate about how taxation affects public health and economic growth within Illinois communities over the coming months. Either way, it is good news for cigar smokers who have been burdened with high taxes for too long!

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