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Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine Review

The manufacturer calls the Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine the “world’s toughest machine”. It’s the newest machine of the Top-O-Matic line and goes fast/efficient with your favorite tobacco and tubes.

Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette MachineTop-O-Matic T2 seems very similar to the original T1 model. It has a sleek and stylish design and operates manually so you can roll your cigarettes anywhere. The T2 has a range of benefits over the original Top’s that include speed, productivity, etc.

Do you want to buy a Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine? If so, then this article is for you. It will provide information about the product as well as useful tips that can help you make your decision easier. The first thing experts will cover in this article is an overview of the machine and what it does. Then, they discuss some of its features and how they can improve your experience with it.

Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine Manual

Having trouble? Download Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine pdf manual.


  • Makes King-size, regular, 100mm cigarettes;
  • One-year limited warranty;
  • Injection type;
  • Dimensions are 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches;
  • Made with industrial grade steel;
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds;


The Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette machine has a sleek and shiny chrome finish, ensuring long life with quality materials. At 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches in size, it does not require much space but still packs enough power to last for years of use. The metal construction is perfect for creating cigarettes at home and provides an easy setup experience!


The Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette rolling machine is built for heavy-duty use. Regardless of your experience level or desired product size, you should be able to roll a pack in minutes – if not seconds! The speed lock system allows you to easily switch between different cigarette sizes – regular, 84mm, or 100mm

This device will allow you to make your custom cigarettes in a quick and easy way. Since it is a cigarette-injection machine, you just need to attach a tube at the end of the product and pull on the lever. With this injector, there won’t be any slipping when creating your new smokes. Generally speaking, this is an easy-to-use device that should take up little time or space for storage.

Pros and Cons of Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine

  • Chrome-coated finish;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • No-slip bottom;
  • 3 types of cigarettes;
  • Tough;
  • Consistently packed;
  • A speed lock system;
  • Welded stainless steel nozzle;
  • Precise loading system;
  • In-built tobacco tray;
  • Quick to use;
  • Improved handle design;

  • Sometimes it jams;
  • Will last for 5 months before the replacement of some parts;
  • The spring needs more tension;

The Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine is a popular product for those who prefer to make their own cigarettes. With the quick-lock system, it switches from king-size tubes to 100mm tubes with an easy flip. This machine is built from high-quality materials, ensuring that it remains sturdy during use. It also has a non-slip bottom plate to prevent movement while making cigarettes.

The Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of injector cigarette-rolling machines like T2:

  • Injector cigarette-rolling machines are more accurate. They produce a better quality product because they have consistent pressure when rolling the tobacco as opposed to hand roller injectors, which can vary in consistency and pressure from one roll to another. This means that you’ll always get an even volume of tobacco per cigarette with an injector machine versus varying levels of thickness and fillers with hand rollers;
  • Injector cigarette-rolling machines are also easier to use and require less skill than a manual injector roller since they provide better assistance in achieving the correct amount of pressure when rolling the tobacco into the paper filter. They’re much faster at producing an accurate number of cigarettes per minute, so there’s no need for lengthy preparation time spent meticulously organizing your workspace – just load up some tobacco and start cranking;
  • Consistent results each time – no need for trial and error or wasted materials (tobacco, filters);
  • No more wasted tobacco (unused cigarettes due to rolling too tight or loose with hand rollers) because you can produce as many smokes per pack of materials as possible without worrying about running out. Less waste overall because there is less downtime between smokes due to messing up on one pack’s worth;
  • Ability to make cigarettes tailored specifically for your needs (e.g. tar, nicotine content);

Main features

The Top-O-Matic T2 has a number of features that make it attractive to smokers. To start with, its price is very affordable and comes in at just under $50. This machine was designed for those who see themselves as light smokers or only smoke infrequently, so this low price tag makes sense. The manufacturer also includes 5 packets of tubes to fill in. 

A key feature of the Top-O-Matic T20 is that you can refill it with your tobacco blend. The machine comes with a pack of tubes, but if they run out then users are able to use their own favorite brands and flavors.

This is a top-of-the-line cigarette-rolling machine that can be used at home or in the office. The Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine has many features that make this an excellent choice for both beginner and expert rollers, including:

  • The Top-O-Matic T Series Cigarette Rolling Machine is made from high-quality materials and will last for many years. Made with durable metal housing to ensure long-lasting durability while not being overly heavy;
  • Easy assembly out of the box that only requires two screws (included) to attach the handle to the body frame;
  • Simple design with a low maintenance cost;

The top-quality construction makes this an excellent choice for beginners or experts who want a machine that will last long term without costing too much money.

How to use it?

T2 is quite simple to use. You just have to loosen the tobacco and fill it into the strip in the machine, then pack it tightly without going overboard. Insert the cigarette tube into a metal tip at the end of the machine once you’re done loading up on tobacco. 

The next step after loading tobacco is to use the lever near the bottom of the machine. Move it halfway down, and pull it down slightly to lock the tobacco in place but not far enough that cigarettes start rolling yet. Finally, completely engage this lever with as much pressure as you need to pack them into a smooth tube shape.


Why is my Top-O-Matic machine messing up?

The Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine is designed to be a long-term investment for you with parts that are easily replaceable. This means the machine will wear down over time and some of its features may stop working as well such as being able to produce cigarettes at an appropriate speed or filling up the tobacco chamber properly. 

You can find out what’s wrong with your cigarette maker by checking these common reasons:

  1. The machine may need to be cleaned. Cleaning the device is easy but it needs to be done often (once a day or every few days depending on how much you smoke). You can find instructions for cleaning your cigarette maker in the User Manual;
  2. The machine may need some new parts. The Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine is designed to be easily repairable with either replacement or extra sets of the most likely broken pieces such as a spring, O-ring, and screws for your cigarette maker;
  3. The machine may need to be adjusted. Parts that are not working properly can cause a cigarette maker’s functions such as filling up the tobacco chamber or being able to produce cigarettes at an appropriate speed and adjusting these pieces is easy with one of two methods: rotating them by hand or using needle-nose pliers (with a little bit of practice);

Who makes Top-O-Matic?

TOP-O-Matic is one of many brands that belong to Republic Tobacco Group. TOP-O-Matic has a longer history than many American RYO tobacco brands – it began in 1928. The Top-O-Matic products are widely popular in the United States and other countries for their ability to create smooth RYO tobacco with a traditional flavor representing American tradition. Besides the cigarette-rolling machines, Top-O-Matic also includes quality rolling papers for the best smoking experience.

Does it come with tubes and filters?

Once you start the machine, there’s no need to ask anyone for anything else. It comes with five free packs of tubes and one lighter that lasts long.

Does this machine work with super slim tubes?

Although the machine is specially designed to work with both regular length and 100s, it does not work with super slim tubes.

Is it possible to roll without the filter?

The Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine has been designed only for making filter cigarettes, because tobacco cannot be packed on the open end of a cigarette without a filter.

Which is the best machine – the T2 or the older T1 version?

Top-O-Matic T2 is a popular hand crank cigarette machine brand. It’s an improved version of the original Top-O-Matic T1 product line that became the flagship design. Compared to T1, the T2 lasts longer, is more accurate, and can pump out cigarettes faster. The T2 is also more flexible than its predecessor in that it can create different types of cigarettes – regular, King-size, 100mm. With a switch, you’re able to change the size or type of cigarette-making for last-minute smoking needs.

Most experts believe that T2 is better than T1 and more durable as it packs cigarettes tighter and provides you with more room for error. Although not as fast as more expensive alternatives, it is a great manual alternative for the lowest possible cost. Additionally to this, the T2 cigarette machine produces batch-to-batch consistency on a much greater level than other machines. Quality of cigarettes is also even to an extent that is higher than average for other rolling machines. The Top-O-Matic T2 runs more stably and durable when compared to other brands with the same price range and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Is this a roller or an injector?

The Top-O-Matic T series are injector machines. This means that the tobacco is injected into tubes of paper which have been preloaded by a roller machine. The advantage to this type of design is the speed at which cigarettes can be made, and also because there’s no need for cigarette filters in an injector machine like this one.

Does it make 2 cigarettes at a time?

No, it can’t. Like most desktop cigarette machines, this tabletop table unit is built for heavy-duty usage. The number of cigarettes you can make depends on your experience in both rolling and making small batches with a cigarette machine. Manufactured by Tobacco Products International, the Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette machine is specially designed to make both King-size (84mm) and 100 mm cigarettes in approximately 3 minutes or less. In addition, it features a speed lock adjustment for quick adjustments between different lengths of cigarettes.

What do you do if the injector does not inject the tobacco?

Ensure your chamber is clear and the black tube holder is pushed all the way to the end of the side where tubes go. If that does not work remove the rubber mat from the back. The cam on the rear can occasionally get out of place and the hook part of the cam fails to engage with the tobacco chamber.

How do you clean this machine?

To clean the Top-O-Matic T2, you should remove all of the parts and give it a good scrubbing with soap and water. You can also use an appropriate cleaner if you don’t want to make your own mixture. Once everything is cleaned up, rinse well until there are no suds left. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before putting any pieces back on – this includes inserting paper into the machine!

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Final thoughts 

You may be wondering – “Should I buy a Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine?” The answer is up to you. Maybe your current machine works just fine and you don’t need an upgrade. For those who do want a new machine, the T2 rolling machine offers many benefits that could make it worth considering for purchase.

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