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5 Best Cigarette Filter Tubes

Best Cigarette Filter Tubes

Most recommended
  • 5 Boxes
  • 1000 Tubes
  • Regular, King Size

A good choice too
  • 5 boxes
  • 1250 ct
  • King Size

A good choice too
  • 1 Box
  • 200 ct
  • 100mm

  • 5 boxes
  • 250 tubes per box
  • Light, king size

  • 5 Boxes
  • 200ct Box
  • Regular, King Size

Smoking is a habit that many people can’t seem to break. In order to make the experience as pleasant as possible, smokers will often use cigarette filter tubes. These tubes are placed between the smoker’s lips and teeth, with one end of the tube resting on their lower lip while they inhale through it in order to avoid tasting or smelling any tobacco smoke.Cigarette filter tubes come in all shapes and sizes, but selecting the right ones for you may not be easy if you don’t know what type of smoker you are. This guide will provide information about 5 different cigarette filters so that when it comes time to buy them, you’ll know which one is best for your needs.

Gambler Regular King Size Cigarette Tubes – the Editor’s choice!

Now with the new durable design, these Gambler Regular King Size Cigarette Tubes are more long lasting and do not crush easily.

Now you can open on the top for an easy single dispensing option. They include 1000 tubes in 5 boxes for $25. Also, they are made without flavor. These tubes are suitable for most cigarette-rolling machines.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] 1000 tubes in 5 boxes;
New box design;
No flavor;
Not easily ripped or crushed when hand-rolling;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Too small to fit some rolling machines;
Tear easily in machines;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

The Gambler Regular King Size tubes are premium cigarette tubes with more than one thousand tubes, found in 5 boxes. Each box is durable and easy to open.

ZEN King Size Full Flavor Cigarette Tubes – the best for quantity!

Whether you’ve been using cigarettes for years or this is your first time, these ZEN King Size Full Flavor Cigarette Tubes are perfect for you. Their vigorous flavor has a mild throat hit that doesn’t overwhelm and they never lose their shape, so there’s no need to worry about it crushing them in your pocket.

With 1250 tubes per box as well as a low-priced point, these tobacco papers make the cigarette rolling process simpler than ever before.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] 1250 tubes in 5 boxes;
Easy to hand-roll;
Keep their shape;
Great price point;
Good for beginners;
No harsh throat hit;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] May crush;
Bad packaging;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

Easier than traditional cigarette tubes and lighter on the throat, these tubes are great for beginners or those looking to mix things up. Also, the packages offer a great quantity – 1250 pieces.

Gambler 100’s Cigarette Filter Tubes – the best for the King-size cigarettes!

This very cool product makes your cigarettes burn great. With 200 filtered tubes and 100mm in length, these Gambler 100’s Cigarette Filter Tubes will get the job done for you.

The tubes are made of an extra-strong filter for better taste and less kicking, so it is the best way to protect your lungs. You’ll find not one complaint when it comes to these Gambler filters, except their price, because they do the job and burn great.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] 100-mm King-size tubes;
Extra strong filter;
They burn great;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Overpriced;
More flimsy then Zen tubes;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

Place your king-size smokes inside one of these bad boys and watch as they burn down evenly so you get the perfect pull every time.

Zen Light King Size Cigarette Tubes – the best for quality!

This box of 250 light King-size Zen quality cigarette tubes won’t disappoint. They are the smoothest tubes on the market, and they are actually better than regular cigarettes in that you don’t have to worry about what flavor additives they add. That’s because these paper sticks don’t have any special flavorings.

The outer cover is pretty sturdy too and it does well in your favorite rolling machine without tearing at all so sit back, relax, and enjoy some RYO cigarettes!

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Light King-size;
Great quality;
No flavor;
Smooth tubes;
Sturdy paper;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Pricey;
Fiberglass filters may cause side effects;
The box can be crushed;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

The Zen Light King Size Cigarette Tubes are designed to be strong and durable. They come in boxes of 250 tubes each so they’ll go a long way.

Gambler Tube Cut Regular King-Size Tubes – the best for filter tips!

For a good, old-fashioned smoke – Gambler Tube Cut can’t be beat. With the quality and reliability of Gambler tobacco products for over 50 years, you don’t have to worry about inferior quality. Gambler is the classic brand, and they won’t disappoint with these Gambler Tube Cut Regular King-Size Tubes. These tubes are perfect for any occasion.

King-size, Gambler quality, 200 filters per box, brown filter tips. These are the main reasons to buy these regular cut tubes.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Great filter tips;
King-size tubes;
White tubes and brown filters;
Classic brand quality;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Some tubes are easy to tear and rip;
Do not pack tight;
Some tubes are bleached;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

The Gambler Tube Cut Regular King-Size Tubes are the perfect cigarette tubes for a classic, convenient, and more economical smoking experience.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features

Many people smoke cigarettes for various reasons, whether it’s to bond with friends or to escape from a stressful day. Let’s take a look at some features that make these little devices worth your time and attention:


Whenever there are different sizes available, selecting the one that best fits your smoking needs can be tricky without knowing more about each one. The most common ones measure 100mm x 37mm (LxW). Some may find it unbearable if there is no delay at all while others may enjoy it so long as the tube doesn’t make them cough too often.

Materials of filter tubes

One thing to keep in mind is that these little devices can be found all over the world. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, most European brands use a cellulose acetate filament or paper coating. The type that’s popular in North America and Asia generally consists of plastic with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Although you may be tempted to just go with something that seems available, it doesn’t hurt to know what different materials do. For instance, a cellulose acetate filament is considered more environmentally friendly and also provides higher heat resistance. 


It can be tempting, but some people might not be able to afford spending $30+ when all their other bills need paying off first. 

Filter quality

The filter is the most important factor. Look for filters that are mesh or cut and crimped to stop clogging as much as possible. You should also consider whether you want a filtered cigarette tube because they contain less tar than non-filtered cigarettes by removing some of it from your cigarette smoke before inhaling it into your lungs. 

If you plan to quit, then buy enough packs so when you quit, there won’t be any temptations around but if not, buy just one pack at a time depending how often you use them.

There are many other factors when selecting cigarette filter tubes such as nicotine content or flavor options.


Is there a difference in cigarette tubes?

Let’s take a look at some of the main features and benefits that these cigarette filter tubes offer: 

  • First off, they are made out of stainless steel that is durable enough to last you for years on end without any problems with it becoming discolored or rusting. This means less replaceable costs as this will be one item that lasts a lot longer than most others would have lasted in its place;
  • Secondly, what actually provides the filtration when using cigarettes? The filters! These cigarette filter tubes provide an even greater level of filtration compared to standard ones due to their length being doubled from what regular ones usually come with;
  • Another key point worth noting about them is how much more pleasant your smoking experience will be because they are made with a smooth bore. This provides for less friction when hot smoke is passing through, meaning there will not be any discomfort or irritation of your throat and mouth as you’re smoking which can sometimes happen if the filters have been too tight;

How long does cigarette smell last?

The smell of smoked cigarettes can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the surface. A person’s sense of smell is one hundred times more sensitive than our taste buds – meaning that cigarette smoke lingers on surfaces and clothes for much longer than people think. It doesn’t just disappear after you finish smoking.

Do cigarette filter tips work?

Cigarette filter tips are a popular choice for smokers because they’re inexpensive, effective and provide hours of relief. Cigarette filters do work as long as you choose the right tip size. You should aim to get cigarette filter tubes that have about the same diameter as your cigarettes so it fits snugly in the end of your smokeless tobacco product. If not, it can be easily taken out while smoking or will cause an uneven burn by being bigger on one side than the other is.

Smokers with smaller mouthpieces might want to try securing their filter tips inside small pieces of paper before inserting them into their mouths if they find themselves taking off too much at once when attempting this method without any help from something like pipe cleaners.

How long does it take to smoke a cigarette?

The average smoker takes eight minutes to smoke a cigarette. The time it takes depends on how often cigarettes are smoked and the person’s smoking habits, including their inhalation technique. Smoking one or two cigarettes at intervals of six hours is normal for some people in order to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms like nicotine cravings. Heavy smokers who take long pulls will finish a cigarette faster than someone with light smoking habits that inhale less deeply because they have more tar-rich tobacco in their mouth from each draw taken.

A pack contains about 20 smokes, so most packs last about ten days if you only smoke an occasional cigarette here and there during the day. If you usually keep up your habit by smoking around five per day, then this pack will last about three days.

Does freezing cigarettes keep them fresh?

To freeze cigarettes, place them in an airtight container or freezer bag and then seal it. The containers must be able to stand up on their own without falling over. This is because the tubes will eventually shrink as they get colder so you need them upright before freezing. Once sealed, labels can be written with a marker on the outside of the package if you want to remind yourself which brand each tube belongs to when removing from the tray after thawing for use again.

A good way to remember where your frozen cigarette tubes are stored is by using clear plastic shoe boxes that have dividers or compartments inside. This ensures easy identification of what’s been placed into these types of containers due to color coding – this method is helpful for when you want to track what cigarettes are used and how often.

What is the fastest way to get rid of cigarette smoke?

The first step to getting rid of cigarette smoke is by opening your windows and doors for 15 minutes or more. If you’re in a room with closed windows, then the best way to remove cigarette smoke from that space is by using an air purifier. But if you don’t have one, the next best thing is an air purifier that will filter out smoke particles and other pollutants from the air around you.

This will help to eliminate any lingering odor after smoking cigarettes before it becomes trapped in the walls and flooring materials of your home. Air purifiers also work great in cars where there is potential for second-hand smoke exposure during car rides.


If you prefer to make your own hand-rolled cigs, the filter tube is a thing you can’t skip. Being the owner for SmokeProfy for some time already, I’m perfectly aware that each choice must be explained. The trifles like filter tubes are actually very important. Personally I picked the following 5 items according to simple and understandable criteria:

  1. King-size filter cig tubes – no less than 15 mm;
  2. White color is classic, so I stick to it;
  3. Menthol-flavored tubes are personal picks, go with it or not – your choice;
  4. Slim filters are more exquisite;
  5. Biodegradable filters are harder to find, but surely they are more beneficial due to the obvious reasons;

Top 3 cig filter tubes (tested and reviewed):

  • Gambler is one of my favorite brands, offers 5 boxes with 1000 tubes;
  • Zen also offers 5 boxes of king-sized tubes;
  • Other Gambler and Zen boxes with lighter filter tubes for cigs;

I insist on making your own tubes for hand-rolled cigs. My advice – don’t save money on your health, select the premium quality filters made of top-notch raw materials. The price varies from $10 to $100 per box. Premium brands offer from 100 to 1000 filters per pack.

Otherwise, it is a bad deal. SmokeProfy admin prefers these brands according to unbiased reviews, I don’t agree on promotional offers from doubtful brands. So every product that I recommend was tested and approved personally. Please, leave your feedback – I need to know if you like my approach and the website’s content in general. Before leaving, check the tutorial.

Video Tutorial: How to roll a cigarette

Final thoughts 

The filter you choose for your cigarette is an important decision. Not only does it determine the taste of your smoke, but also how much tar and nicotine are released into the atmosphere. If you’re looking to change up what type of filter tube you use, this guide will help get you started on a journey towards better health with less pollution in the air.