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5 Best Hydrostones

Most recommended
RAWHydrostone Terracotta Humidifying Stone
  • Keeps Tobacco Moist and Fresh
  • Made From Natural Terracotta
  • Hydro Stone
A good choice too
BovedaBoveda for Cigars | 84% RH Humidity Control Pack
  • Style Name: 84% RH Level
  • Size Large
  • Shelf life is 2 years
A good choice too
RAWHydrostone Terracotta Humidifying Stone
  • Keeps Tobacco Moist and Fresh
  • Made From Natural Terracotta
  • Reusable
EA CareyPipe Herb & Cigar Pouch Humidity Humidor Moistener Button Disc Pod
  • Package Quantity: 4
  • Approximately 1″ in diameter
  • Made in Hong Kong
MAYBAOHydrostone Natural Terracotta Clay Humidifying Stone Tobacco Humidifier Humidifying Stone 2pcs
  • 2 pcs
  • 100% natural
  • Reusable

Hydrostones are small pebbles that release moisture to maintain the humidity levels inside humidors. They work by absorbing water and releasing it into the air, keeping cigars moist and fresh for longer periods.

Benefits of hydrostones:

  • Releases moisture to keep cigars moist and fresh for longer periods of time;
  • Made from 100% fragrance-free natural materials, non-toxic;
  • Each set includes a few hydrostones that are about the size of a golf ball (approximately 0.75 inches in diameter);
  • Non-sticky surface easily picks up dust without damaging cigars or humidor contents inside;
  • Can be used with any type of cigar package – inexpensive enough to use on every occasion;

The best hydrostones will last from six months to a year without needing recharging with water or refilling them with distilled water again. Some models come preloaded with liquid so they can be used right out of the box.

Don’t worry- smoking experts here to help you find the perfect hydrostone for your needs by answering some common questions about them. This guide will tell you everything from what they are made of to their pros and cons. 

RAW Hydrostone Terracotta Humidifying Stones – the Editor’s choice!

RAW hydrostone is made of natural terracotta that keeps tobacco moist and fresh. It’s reusable so one Hydrostone can last you for many days! With these humidifying stones, you can enjoy your favorite smokes for longer and experience the best flavor possible.

It really keeps cigars fresh by adding moisture – just slip it in with the rest of your tobacco stash.

  • Helps tobacco to stay fresh and moist;
  • Reusable;
  • Made from natural terracotta;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Each pack has 3 stones;
  • Won’t do for some herbs;
  • Quickly dries out;
  • Smaller than they used to be;

Use these popular RAW hydrostones to keep your stogie, pipe or cigarettes fresh for days on end. In addition, they’re reusable so you’ll save tons too.

Boveda 84% RH 2-Way Humidity Control – the best for humidors!

The best way to prep your humidor for premium cigars is with Boveda 84% RH. Boveda will not only condition the wood by restoring and/or maintaining a precise humidity level, but will also prevent mold growth with its patented 2-way humidity control.

This unique design now comes in an unwrapped, resealable bag so it’s easier than ever to bring along on your next cigar adventure! Each pocket of this bag holds four 60-gram packs that should be used together at once for a 100-cigar capacity humidor.

Tips for users: just place one 60g pack inside your empty humidor after cleaning with distilled water, no dilution needed.
  • Expires quickly;
  • Expensive;
  • Not reusable;
  • Won’t do for some herbs;
  • Quickly dries out;
  • Smaller than they used to be;

Boveda 84% RH 2-way humidity control provides a mess-free way to condition a wood humidor before you add cigars and Boveda humidity control to restore and/or maintain premium cigars to a precise relative humidity.

Raw Hydrostone Natural Terracotta Humidifying Stone – the best quality!

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, enjoyable smoke from some fresh tobacco? That is exactly what the Raw Hydrostone Natural Terracotta Humidifying Stone does. It helps keep your tobacco moist and fresh by rehydrating dry tobacco and herbs.

With its easy design, it will take no time at all before you can get back to enjoying that satisfying smoke. It lasts for a long period without needing rehydration, and is absolutely reusable. It also helps keep humidity levels constant during changes in temperature too!

  • High quality;
  • Popular;
  • Made with natural terracotta;
  • Keeps tobacco fresh and moist;
  • Compatible with tobacco leaves and dry herbs;
  • Smaller than they used to be;
  • There may be mildew in some containers;

You’ll appreciate how easy RAW hydrostone is to use this product because of its fast-acting, rehydrating properties.

EA Carey Pipe Herb & Cigar Pouch Humidity Button Disc Pod – the best for durability!

The EA Carey Humidity Button Disc Pod is a great way to keep your tobacco fresh. Made with purified or distilled water, this humidor button should last you for an entire year.

All you do is wet it, shake off the excess and place it in your tobacco stash. It is also great for storing kitchen herbs with this essential humidifying tool.

Tips for users: simply place the button in a cup of cold water for 1-2 minutes to moisten it. Place the button disc in a tobacco pouch or zip lock bag to keep pipe tobacco fresh and moist.
  • May last for a year;
  • Compatible with purified and distilled water;
  • Good for herbs, pipe tobacco and tobacco leaves;
  • Easy to recharge for repeated use;
  • Not suitable for large containers;
  • Can’t be soaked in chlorine water;
If you’re very serious about your tobacco and cigars, it’s important to maintain their freshness. The Carey Pipe Herb & Cigar Pouch Humidity Button Disc pod does just that: it keeps your tobacco moist with its purified or distilled water that lasts up to a year.

Goodful Reusable Terracotta Humidifying Disc – the best for food and tobacco!

The Goodful Reusable Terracotta Humidifying Disc is an equally good solution both to your sugar and smoke cravings! This food-safe terracotta saver disc softens hard brown sugar and keeps tobacco leaves fresh for many days.

Not just for sweet treats only – store with other dried or semi-dry foods such as fruit, bagels, marshmallows for better results.

Tips for users: Place this small disc in with sugar, tobacco, crackers, pretzels, herbs and more to keep them from getting too moist or hardened.
  • Prevents tobacco from getting dry;
  • Food-safe;
  • Reusable;
  • Good for softening dry or solid foods;
  • Not suitable for brown sugar;
  • May be hardened around the disc;

The Goodful rechargeable humidifier is perfect for keeping sugar soft and tobacco moist. It’s made from food-safe terracotta so you can use it over and over.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features:

1) Size

Hydrostone typically comes in packs that contain 2-3 blocks, each about 6 inches long and three to four inches wide. They’ll fit inside most cigar humidors without taking up too much space if they’re used in pairs (put one on either side). 

But some people prefer using them just as single units or even cutting them into smaller pieces so they can be placed at different locations within their humidor – for example, near the top where cigars dry faster after being opened. This takes less time than placing them anywhere else because humidity moves upwards more quickly than it does downwards from the bottom of your unit towards the tops of your cigars.

2) Thickness of your humidor

Can you fit two blocks in it? If not, consider using them just as single units or cutting them into smaller pieces so they can be placed at different locations within their humidor – for example, near the top where cigars dry faster after being opened. This takes less time than placing them anywhere else because humidity moves upwards more quickly than it does downwards from the bottom of your unit towards the tops of your cigars.

3) Purpose

Do you need a larger area for storing and aging new sticks that require higher relative humidity like Maduros (which should ideally be stored around 75-85% RH)? Or are you looking for something more compact for your travel humidor or something to use in a small desk humidor that needs less relative humidity?

4) Types of hydrostones:

  • hard (usually white);
  • soft (which can be either black or light brownish-grey);
  • green;

The first two have more moisture retention capability than green ones but they’re also harder so don’t expect them to last as long – perhaps about 6 months at most before they start showing signs of wear like cracks on their surfaces. Green ones are softer and therefore easier to cut into smaller pieces but will need replacement every month or so because they soak up water faster. These factors should help you decide which type would work best for your situation.

Hard white blocks have less moisture than soft black/light brownish grey varieties but they don’t absorb water as quickly. Green stones are softer and easier to cut but soak up water more rapidly.

5) Cost

They’re usually priced in packs so it may be more convenient to buy two at once if you need them for a larger humidor or want to save on shipping costs. And always make sure that your purchase includes free shipping if possible because this can easily add $20-$30 dollars onto an already expensive order.

Working principle

A hydrostone is a type of stone that can be placed inside the humidor to regulate humidity. Hydrostones are made from natural clay or resin and they have moisture-absorbing properties that allow them to release water vapor when activated by heat.

The most popular types are:

  • Granite stones. These absorb up to 60% moisture during their activation period, but this may take weeks depending on how much pressure you apply;
  • Resin stones. They absorb 40% more than granite in just one day, so it’s best for those who want immediate results without waiting too long for a new batch of stones to activate. But if you need granites, then use these as well because both work at regulating your humidor’s humidity;
  • Terracotta stones. They regulate humidity from 45% to 60%. It’s also important to note that these can only be used once, so you won’t have a backup for your humidor;

The benefits of using hydrostones are that they regulate the humidity within 50% accuracy, and can maintain a constant level for up to 18 months. They also provide an alternative solution if you’re struggling with traditional humidors like cedar wood because it contains oils which produce mold during storage. Hydrostones don’t have these drawbacks so you won’t need to worry about any unwanted odors when your cigars come out of their wrappers;

There’s really no downside to switching over from traditional humidifiers, but make sure not to put these inside water or near direct sunlight as this will inhibit its moisture-absorbing properties. And it should be noted that while prepping them is pretty simple, there might be some trial and error involved in the process to find out how long each stone will take before it’s activated.

Recently, there have been more and more products being promoted as hydrostones but they are not really hydrostones because they don’t contain clay or resin. They’re just beads that absorb water so you might want to avoid these if you want something with a real working principle of hydrostones.


How long do hydrostones last?

The lifespan of a hydrostone can be anywhere from 30 days up to 6 months. It really depends on the humidity levels and also how often you refill it. When they start drying out, water them down with some distilled water every couple of weeks or so – just enough that there’s no trace of dryness left when looking at the surface. The only factor that can shorten their lifespan is a lack of maintenance, in which case they will need to be replaced more often than if the cigars are maintained properly and consistently.

What is hydrostone for?

Hydrostones are used to help maintain the humidity levels inside a cigar humidor. Depending on the size of your humidor, you may need anywhere between one and three hydrostones inside for optimal results. Hydrostone beads release moisture as needed into the air in order to keep it at optimum conditions that will not harm cigars or other tobacco products placed within it. You should replace this stone occasionally due to natural degradation over time, but there is no set timeline by which they should be replaced – rather when you notice decreased amounts of water dripping from them.

What does RAW hydrostone do?

RAW hydrostones for humidors are the best possible way to regulate humidity in your cigars. They’re available from a variety of different suppliers and can be purchased in many sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit your needs.

RAW hydrostones for humidors are made of 100% natural ingredients, such as the stone itself and an organic agar gel. This provides a safer environment than using chemicals like PG Solution or Propylene Glycol to regulate humidity levels in your cigars. The RAW Hydrostone is also non-toxic so you don’t need to worry about it contaminating your tobacco with harmful chemicals.

The most common size available is the half-moon shape (roughly two inches long). Many people buy these because they’re easy to store and transport. Just keep them sealed up tight when not in use. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces if needed – just break off one end and start rolling until you have enough smoke protection.

Is RAW Hydrostone reusable?

RAW Hydrostone is made of 100% natural clay. You can reuse it as many times as you want, just rinse the stone with water and leave to dry before placing it back into your humidor.

Is hydrostone waterproof?

Hydrostones are not waterproof. They will absorb moisture, which can make them less durable over time as they soak up the liquid and expand. For this reason, it is advisable to place hydrostone in a secure container or humidor before loading with cigars – so you don’t risk damaging your prized collection when placing hydrophanes on top of already-humidified cigars.

The best way to use hydrostones may be as an alternative to traditional cedar wood for inside storage bins that aren’t designed for cigar storage. These containers often have drawers – so you can put hydrostones at the bottom of these drawers without worrying about whether or not water droplets from outside could encounter the cigar collection.

How do you mix hydrostone?

Hydrostones come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors that makes it difficult to know what size is best for your humidor.  That’s why experts recommend you get a package of all 3 sizes (small, medium and large) when starting out.

If your humidor has space for just one hydrostone then the small size will work best. If it can fit 2 stones then choose either the small or medium-sized stone depending on whether you want to keep cigars from drying out too quickly or slowly. Finally, if there is room for three stones in your humidor then go with the largest size because again – bigger is better here.

The best hydrostones may refresh the buds overnight. You may purchase 2 stones and soak them in water for 5 minutes. Place one on top of an open cardboard tray with a mason jar, then place it in a cool or dark room to let it work overnight.

Video Tutorial: Raw Hydrostone Review

Final thoughts 

If you’re still not sure about what hydrostone is or are wondering if it’s right for you, then, hopefully, this guide has helped. Experts know that the process of finding a new product can be overwhelming and giving up isn’t an option.

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