10 Best Cigar Lighters
10 Best Cigar Lighters
5 (100%) 15 vote[s]
Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter
Wind Resistant Flame
2 Pack
Quartz Powered Ignition
Mantello Cigars
Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter
Premium Cigar
Adjustable Flame
Butane Refillable
Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter
Sturdy Metal Body
Flame Height Adjustable
Butane Fuel Refillable
TOMOLO Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame Refillable Butane Cigar Lighter
Triple Flames
2 Pack
Zinc Alloy Material
Vertigo Cyclone Charcoal
Triple Flames
Brushed chrome finish
Non Metal
Best Cigar Lighter - High End Table Top 4 Jet Adjustable Torc
Table top lighter
High capacity butane tank
Mrs. Brog
Tripple Torch Cigar Lighter
Adjustable Flame
Durable Metal Body
Weighs 89 grams
Prestige Import Group
Prestige Import Group Typhoon Triple Flame Cigar Lighter
Retractable Cigar Bullet
Wind Resistant
Universal Refilling Valve
Mantello Cigars
Mantello Cabinet Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter
Triple Flames
Cigar Hole Punch Attachment
Cobber Torch Lighter, Quad 4 Jet Red Flame Refillable Butane Lighter
Universal Refill Valve
Retractable Punch Cutter
With 4 flames

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Cigar Lighters

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60.87% of users selected Vertigo 2 Pack, 17.39% selected Mantello Cigars, 5.8% selected Cobber, 10.14% selected Tomolo and 5.8% selected Vertigo. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Most cigar experts are quick to admit that smoking is a bit of a peacocking experience. It’s a great time to show off your expertise and exquisite taste. While stogies are usually the star of the show, cool accessories also make their cameos. A stylish and functional cigar lighter will steal the spotlight. We’ve brought you five of our favorite cigar lighters. Check them out. Then, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter in Charcoal – Editor’s Choice

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar LighterLotus Cyclone’s three-torch Vertigo cigar lighter is an excellent asset for any cigar smoker. First off, this lighter has a lovely charcoal gray exterior. An ergonomic push-button makes it easy for users to ignite the powerful flame.

The dual-action quartz-powered ignitor gives smokers the utmost control over their fire. The Vertigo lighter is resistant to wind, making it is an excellent option for open-air smoking sessions.

The lighter also has a large butane reservoir as well as a butane level indicator. Each lighter comes with a protective fabric pouch.

This affordable cigar lighter set is a score for you and your friends. It pairs premium aesthetics with expert functionality.

The Vertigo has a rugged metal exterior with engraved twists that make it super easy to grip. The ignition button protrudes from the side. The flip-top lid automatically lifts upon ignition.


  • Two lighters in a pack (all the better for sharing)
  • Metallic charcoal gray color
  • Wind-resistant three-torch flame
  • Refillable butane reservoir
  • Easy-to-read fuel level window
  • Comes with a custom cloth pouch for storage


  • Some reported leaks

Mantello Catador Triple-Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter – Top Runner-Up

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch LighterThe Mantello Catador triple-jet cigar lighter is an exceptional object. It has a rugged black and silver exterior. The lighter is as durable as it appears. Users can refill the butane reservoir.

However, this process requires a bit of guesswork, as the Mantello does not possess a butane level indicator. Still, users can adjust the flow of gas by twisting the rotary dial on the lighter’s side.

In just one push of the button, the lighter releases a three-torch flame. The ignition process is simple to use and super reliable. The product comes in a lovely black and gold gift box. The cigar lighter is also equipped with a handy cigar punch. Despite its durable exterior and quality details, the Mantello is priced well under $20.


  • Compliant with D.O.T. regulations
  • Comes in an elegant gift box (perfect gift for the cigar smoker in your life)
  • Refillable butane reservoir
  • Cigar punch attachment
  • Adjustable gas flow via rotary dial
  • Backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • No butane level window

Cobber Torch Lighter – Best Budget Option

Cobber Torch Cigar LighterThe Cobber Torch Lighter won’t hurt your wallet. It boasts a durable metal body with a flip-top lid. We love the look and feel of this lighter. You can easily adjust the height of the four-torch flame.

The Cobber Torch boasts a world-renowned Piezo Ignition. The body is made of zinc alloy and boasts a muted gray color. After a few seconds, the flame turns red. Red fire is more prounounced in natural lighting. Also, they make your entire cigar smoking experience a bit more interesting. The lighter also features a cigar punch.

An oversized refillable butane tank and fuel level indicator make it easy to keep this cigar lighter up and running. The Cobber is aesthetically and functionally exquisite! It also happens to be the most affordable lighter on our list! Who said cigars were only for aristocrats?


  • Four torches for an even more reliable ignition
  • Red flame for better visibility in sunlight
  • Solid metal body
  • Flip-top lid protects the fragile ignition
  • Easy-to-read butane level indicator window
  • Built-in cigar punch eliminates the need for extra accessories


  • Presence of butane odor

Tomolo Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch – Best Cigar Lighter Two-Pack

TOMOLO Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame Refillable Butane Cigar LighterThe Tomolo Torches come two to pack. These impressive cigar lighters make smoking so much easier. They boast durable and attractive zinc alloy shells. There are some plastic elements on the exteriors of the lighters.

Each lighter has a transparent fuel level window as well as a refillable butane reservoir. The lighters also feature cigar punches. As such, you can cross two cigar accessories of your list.

These products come packed in premium gift boxes. Feel free to keep one for yourself and pass the other on to a friend. They make excellent gifts. The three-torch flames provide users with an extra-large lighting surface. You will have no trouble igniting your cigar on your first attempt.


  • Built-in cigar punches
  • Durable zinc alloy exteriors
  • Transparent fuel tank window
  • Refillable butane reservoir
  • Two to a pack
  • Triple-torch flame offers lots of surface space for lighting


  • Some plastic elements

Vertigo Cyclone Charcoal and Brushed Chrome Triple Flame Torch Lighter – Customer Favorite

Vertigo Cyclone CharcoalWe already told you a little about the Vertigo Cyclone Cigar Lighters. This lighter is perfect for cigar smokers who are just looking for a single inexpensive lighter that will get the job done.

It has a solid metal body with a premium charcoal gray color. The three-torch flame and adjustable gas flow knob enable users to hone in on their ideal flame settings. Consumers get 30 days to return the product if they are not satisfied. However, the Vertigo isn’t known to disappoint.

For just over $10, you can satisfy your craving for a premium cigar lighter. We love the way the Vertigo fits in our hand. The engraved details feel great against our fingers. We’re also fairly confident they help us to maintain our grip.


  • Inexpensive option for a single cigar smoker on a budget
  • Transparent fuel tank indicator window
  • Charcoal gray exterior
  • Solid metal casing
  • Three-torch flame


  • You can get a better deal by purchasing multiples

How to Choose the Best Cigar Lighter


Your lighter should have a solid metal body. Most cigar aficionados prefer lighters that are aesthetically rugged yet sleek. Stainless steel and zinc alloy are popular lighter materials. Lighters may be smooth or textured. While textured surfaces are easier to grip, many smokers prefer the feel of smooth lighters. Make sure to choose a cigar lighter that suits you!

Some lighters also boast flip-top lids. These elements are not necessary. However, they do help protect the more vulnerable ignition elements. They may even shield flames from the wind.


Butane lighters typically feature a simple switch on the top or side. The knob triggers the release of a spark and butane. Some lighters allow users to adjust the flow of gas. Adjustable controls enable smokers to control the height of their flame.


Most cigar enthusiasts prefer multi-torch flames, as they offer a greater lighting surface and more strength. There are still some perfectly acceptable single-torch butane lighters on the market. However, we tend to prefer lighters with three to five torches.

Fuel Tank

A refillable fuel tank is a quintessential part of any halfway decent cigar lighter. A lighter should have a large, refillable tank for butane. The tank should also feature an accurate fuel level indicator as well as a user-friendly refill port.

Video Tutorial: Choosing a Cigar Lighter

Final Thoughts

SmokeProfy website was created for all aficionados of smoking. That is why all my reviews are mostly budget-friendly. Most novices use cheap gas lighters and they are completely satisfied with this accessory for smokers. But I’ve decided to go a bit further and offer the premium brands of best cigar lighters. Yes, it seems that lighting up a cigar needs a bit more style than a regular lighter from a supermarket.

How did I select cigar lighters for SmokeProfy review?

Though, I also didn’t want to offer too expensive to use, limited masterpieces in the world of lighters the price of which can reach a few thousands of dollars. So, my price range was between $30 – $100. I’d like to explain my top 3 of cigar lighters first, in such a way you will understand my criteria for picking these necessary accessories:

  • Vertigo offers the quartz-powered ignition and wind-resistant flame;
  • Mantello Cigars is a premium igniter at an affordable cost, it can be refilled with butane;
  • Cobber is a very sturdy, metallic piece, with an adjustable flame height;

Major types of budget-friendly lighters for cigars

During the prep for this guide, I’ve learned that there are 4 basic types of cigar lighters:

  1. Single-flame units – perfect for touch-up ignition;
  2. Double-flame pieces – good for medium cigars;
  3. Strong triple-flame – they are capable of lighting huge ring gauges;
  4. Butane kettle pieces are not for everyone, because they will do for the largest, hand-rolled cigars;

What do you think about my review? I regularly update my guides on SmokeProfy, so your opinion definitely counts. What cigar igniters can you recommend? Leave your feedback and subscribe to follow the updates. Thank you for supporting!

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the top five cigar lighters. Lotus Cyclone’s Vertigo two-pack is our top choice. This lighter has a triple-flame torch and a refillable butane tank. It’s gorgeous charcoal gray exterior makes it a piece you’ll want to show off to your cigar buddies. Come in directly behind the Vertigo is the Mantello Catador Cigar Lighter. This lighter boasts a triple-jet flame, a cigar punch, and a color-changing element. Do you have a favorite cigar lighter? Let us know in the comment section below!

My name is Jacob Williams, and I’m a logistics manager. My job is full of nervous moments; therefore, I started to smoke 8 years ago. I like to do different tricks with smoke using cigarettes, hookah or vape. That’s why my friends called me “Smokeprofy”. I started this blog to share my experience with you, and I hope it will be interesting.

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  1. Having a cigar lighter is one of the best investments I’ve ever made… ever since I got one I can light my cigars with ease. I smoke often which gives the lighter a lot of use. I must say that it has been lasting great and still works wonderfully.

  2. I use a butane torch lighter for my occasional cigars, but that’s largely because butane is odorless and everyone says that it won’t interfere with the flavor of the cigar. If anyone knows of a good soft flame lighter that doesn’t interfere with the aroma or taste, let me know.

    1. Hello, I would recommend to buy Vertigo cigar lighter.

  3. My Zippo has lit 107,000+ handmades in the last 49+ years of smoking cigars. I use a soft flame solid 14k 1958 Slim Zippo, as the flame size of the Slim is perfect. Zippo fluid was reformulated years ago and i have never gotten any imparted taste. With minimal maintenance, it works every time, every day. You can pick up a solid sterling silver Slim for around $70 still on Amazon or such, engrave it, and you’ll have an heirloom-quality lighter that will be around when virtually every torch lighter will have already been relegated to the junk pile.

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