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Best Cigar Lighters of 2024

When it comes to enjoying a fine cigar, there are few things as satisfying as lighting up with the perfect cigar lighter. While some choose to use matches and even wicks dipped in petroleum, nothing beats having a reliable flame that’s been locked into a durable body. Whether you’re an occasional smoker or a daily aficionado, having the right cigar lighter is key for keeping your smoke consistent and flavorful. That is why today we will be reviewing all of the best cigar lighters on the market for 2024 so you can easily find an option that suits your unique style!

Overall Best
Xikar ELX
Xikar ELX Cigar Lighters
  • Reliable double jet flame
  • Simple thumb action with new crosshatch texture
  • Built-in 9 mm cigar punch cutter

For a Table Lighter
Vertigo Big Buddha
Vertigo Big Buddha Cigar Lighters
  • Four flamed torch
  • Larger size, great for community smoking
  • Built-in punch cutter

A Bit Flashier
Xikar Verano Flat Flame
Xikar Verano Flat Flame Cigar Lighters
  • Unique flat flame
  • Diamond pattern accents for look and grip
  • Stylish all metal construction

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How to Choose the Best Cigar Lighter


Your lighter should have a solid metal body, as opposed to some cheaper plastics. Most cigar aficionados prefer lighters that are aesthetically rugged yet sleek. Because of this, stainless steel and zinc alloy are popular lighter materials. While textured surfaces are easier to grip, many smokers prefer the feel of smooth lighters. Make sure to choose a cigar lighter that suits you!

Some lighters also boast flip-top lids. These elements are not necessary, but they do look pretty cool! Depending on the lighter, the lid can help protect the more vulnerable ignition elements and may even shield flames from the wind.


Butane lighters typically feature a simple switch on the top or side to light. The knob triggers the release of a spark and butane. Most cigar lighters will allow users to adjust the flow of gas, increasing or decreasing the size of the flame.


Most cigar enthusiasts prefer multi-torch flames, as they offer a greater lighting surface and more strength. There are still some perfectly acceptable single-torch butane lighters on the market. However, we tend to prefer lighters with two to four torches. Typically, anything more than five flames is a bit of overkill.

Fuel Tank

A refillable fuel tank is a quintessential part of any halfway decent cigar lighter. A lighter should have a large, refillable tank for butane. The tank should also feature an accurate fuel level indicator as well as a user-friendly refill port.

You can pick up some butane refills here.

Cigar Lighters FAQ

Are Zippo lighters good for cigars?

Zippo lighters aren’t necessarily bad, but that doesn’t make them good. Many cigar enthusiasts tend to avoid them because they use liquid gasoline, which tends to alter the flavor of the cigar. That said, Zippo lighters often have an unrivaled level of dependability and resistance to the wind.

If you are going to use a Zippo, make sure to use a Zippo butane insert.

Do lighters ruin cigars?

When you use high-end butane lighters, there’s normally no toxic taste in your smoke to spoil the flavor of your pricey cigar. If the chemical head is able to burn out, leaving just the wood, torches may be used.

But bear in mind that not every butane is the same. The right butane is filtered at least 5 times to eliminate impurities that may clog and corrode the lighter’s jets, as well as interfere with the flavor of a luxury cigar. Don’t buy butane from a grocery store because it’s cheap (and typically of bad quality). 

Stop matches that have a sulfur tip. The sulfur can alter the flavor of your cigar. If you just have sulfur matches, let the sulfur flame off the end before striking your cigar with it.

Many cigar enthusiasts hate Zippo lighters since they use liquid gasoline, which will make the cigar taste like disgusting liquid gas. If you’re using a Zippo, simply let the wick fire for a few moments to burn off any liquid fuel debris to keep it from being moved onto your cigar by the flame.

Since the chemicals and odors in candles, a stove, paper matches, and lighters that use the Naphtha fluid may change the flavor of the tobacco, avoid them.

Is it better to light a cigar with matches?

If you’re smoking outdoors, wooden matches aren’t perfect, but they’re a lot safer than any paper-based matches. It is preferable to use two matches at once. Two matches can create a greater blaze, making it simpler to completely light the end of your cigar when puffing on it.

Prolonged cedar matches can be perfect if you have ties to them or if you’re in a cigar lounge. They’re supposed to be used for lighting cigars. They fire for longer after being struck, allowing you more time to light your cigar.

A butane lighter or long wooden cigar match can be used to light the cigar’s foot, or tip.

Are old lighters worth anything?

Lighters are offered in a range of sizes, colors, and materials. Clearly, current plastic lighters are worthless, although the importance of vintage lighters varies depending on the products used. A lighter crafted of gold or silver is usually much more valuable than one made of less expensive materials.

Any lighters are miniature pieces of art in themselves. Collectors are drawn to special versions and classic items, and limited editions usually have a higher appeal. This is usually the case for high-end lighters. There can be a unique special edition lighter, such as Dupont lighters, or a popular commercial lighter, such as Zippo lighters.

The lighters by popular brands appear to be more costly on the vintage market, although some from smaller makers may be fascinating as well. Zippo has always been famous and will stay so for a long time. Also, Ronson is still one of the most sought-after labels by collectors. Keep a close eye out for lighters from well-known and valuable products including Xikar, Dunhill, S.T. Dupont, Tiffany, and Evans.

The lack of your lighter’s name or model would also influence its worth. The less of it there is, the more expensive it gets. While age can influence rarity, it’s essential to note that older does not always equal more expensive, unless the model is more uncommon. Profitable lighter versions were mass-produced in large quantities, and they appear to be low-value products

The earliest versions of Zippo and Ronson, on the other hand, are somewhat rare and therefore more precious. Lighters from the early 1900s are highly challenging to come by. As a result, parts produced before mass manufacturing will easily increase in value. Bear in mind that a lighter manufactured prior to 1920 is likely to be a safe purchase.

Collectors place a premium on the condition of a lighter. The higher the rating, the healthier the situation. Nearly new pieces are a decent purchase. The so-called Old New Stock or Mint in Box lighters, on the other side, are much more precious. Not only are they in excellent shape, but they still come with their initial packaging, stickers, and directions.

What type of fuel do cigar lighters use?

The most popular lighters used by cigar smokers are torch or jet flame lighters. They’re driven by butane, a fluid gas that’s simple to come by and comparatively cheap. Butane is a highly combustible, colorless, and readily liquefied gas that is used in butane lighters and torches. Naphtha is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture that is found in wick lighters and burners.

According to Jack Cooper feedback, consider buying the butane fuel refill by Colibri, Bison or Xikar. It is better to pick premium brands of butane for cigar lighters to avoid a strange odor and leakage that may ruin your cigars. 

Final Thoughts

SmokeProfy website was created for all aficionados of smoking. That is why all my reviews are mostly budget-friendly. Most novices use cheap gas lighters and they are completely satisfied with this accessory for smokers. But I’ve decided to go a bit further and offer the premium brands of best cigar lighters. Yes, it seems that lighting up a cigar needs a bit more style than a regular lighter from a supermarket.

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