5 Best Hookah Flavors
5 Best Hookah Flavors
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Hookah Accessories Set with 100 Charcoal Coal Tablets, 50 Disposable Mouth Tips
5 Flavor Assortments
Mouth Piece Tips: 50
100 Charcoal Coal Tablets
Texas Hookah
Fantasia Herbal Shisha 50g - Hookah Flavors
100% Tobacco/Nicotine Free
Over 20 Different Flavors
Hydro Herbal, Hookah Shisha Flavors
Pack of 12
100% Tobacco/Nicotine Free
Made in the USA
Starlight Charcoal
Starlight Charcoal 1 Roll with Al Fakher Shisha Molasses
Pack of 2
100% Tobacco/Nicotine Free
Hookah Flavors Fantasia Herbal Shisha 300g
Pack of 6
100% Tobacco/Nicotine Free
Top Quality

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60.61% of users selected VEEBOOST, 15.15% selected Texas Hookah, 6.06% selected Hydro, 9.09% selected Starlight Charcoal and 9.09% selected VEEBOOST. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

When it comes to best hookah flavors everything is very individual. Modern manufacturers offer a huge amount of tastes to choose from. However, some variations appeal to the largest number of consumers and are obvious market leaders.

There are two types of flavors: clean(mono or solo) and mixed( a mixture of several ingredients). Earlier fans had to mix the compositions themselves. Today every manufacturer offers its line of mixed aromas.

The most popular flavors are usually mixes. Mono fragrances are in lesser demand. They are often bought for composing your own best mix with the taste of citrus, berries or mint, etc. The most intense, unusual and exciting smoke comes from mixing flavors. They are definitely worth a try.

The classic top hookah flavors include fruity aromas. All citrus fruits are very popular – from sweet oranges to fresh lemons and limes and bitter grapefruit. Many people love melon – it is sweet and goes well with mint or watermelon. Apples, cherries, grapes, and various berries are also popular.

In the comparison table below you’ll find 5 hookah flavors and sets chosen by smokers and hookah specialists with the following guidelines and tips to support you in your choice.

VEEBOOST Hookah Accessories Set– the best for beginners

Hookah Accessories Set with 100 Charcoal Coal Tablets, 50 Disposable Mouth TipsIf you just start smoking a hookah this set will meet all your needs. Best quality accessories make your first experience easy and save your time. Everything is in one pack: amazing fruit flavors, charcoal tablets, aluminum foil covers with punched holes, disposable mouth tips, which help you enjoy every minute of the session.

Those who care about their health and environment will love the set. Only safe and recyclable materials are used in production. The combination of eco and user-friendly approaches makes it ideal for a new generation of conscious users.
The tastes are fantastic. You can add thin slices of real fruit to your glass hookah to receive the ultimate look and taste.


  • A full set of hookah essentials
  • Premium quality with money back guarantee
  • Disposable plastic BPA free and individually wrapped mouth tips
  • Mouth tips have longer and thicker male ends than usual
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Foil covers are already punched with holes and ready for use
  • Ecologically-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Safe for life and health
  • Easy to use disposable pieces
  • Time saving approach
  • Tobacco and nicotine-free product which is made from herbal molasses


  • Mouth tips don’t fit all hoses
  • Charcoals feel harsh

VEEBOOST Hookah Accessories Set comes with 5 amazing flavors: mango, pineapple, watermelon, peach and green apple. All are tobacco and nicotine-free and produced from herbal molasses. They suit perfectly the health conscious, but if you prefer smoking tobacco look for other flavors.

TEXAS HOOKAH Fantasia Herbal Shisha – the best for a variety of exotic tastes

Fantasia Herbal Shisha 50g - Hookah FlavorsFantasia herbal shisha offers a wide range of flavors for any preferences from traditional hookah tastes to contemporary exotic ones. The product isn’t a set. It is only a 50 g bag of flavored shisha.

These flavors are safe and healthy as they are tobacco and nicotine-free. They taste very smooth, less harsh than tobacco shisha. Nevertheless, they produce enormous clouds of dense smoke during the session.


  • A wide variety of exotic herbal shisha flavors
  • Traditional and modern tastes
  • Tobacco-free
  • Nicotine-free
  • Smooth pleasant taste
  • Produces huge clouds of smoke
  • Consistent, full of taste smoke during the whole session
  • Up to 100 puffs
  • Enough for 2-3 bowls depending on the size
  • Burns better than ordinary tobacco
  • A zip lock bag is included


  • Can’t be used with a tobacco pipe
  • Other sizes of packaging are not available

One flavor has been discontinued, 19 various traditional and new exotic tastes are still available. The product contains a 50 g bag of shisha and an additional storing bag with a zip lock. Fantasia flavors taste like real fruit. It’s recommended to use natural charcoals, not the quick light ones for purer taste.

HYDRO Herbal Hookah Shisha – the best for premium quality

Hydro Herbal, Hookah Shisha FlavorsThis pack offers 12 magnificent premium quality flavors for whose who prefer diversity. Try mixing the tastes in one bowl to get unique compositions of your own. Juicy molasses from tobacco-free sugar cane are produced and packed with special technology so that you get rich delicious taste.

The total weight is impressive and gives you a good stock of shisha. The fruit taste is gorgeous. The variety can satisfy the most demanding hookah lovers. If you try it once, you’ll keep using it again and again.


  • Premium quality ingredients are used in production
  • Tobacco and nicotine-free
  • Made from sugar cane molasses
  • The pack consists of 12 rich flavors
  • 600 g total
  • A foil bag keeps the shisha fresh
  • Doesn’t provoke cough and an unpleasant feeling in the lungs


  • The set is pre-packed with certain flavors
  • Doesn’t give a head buzz feeling
  • The smoke feels harsh when overheated

The content of the bag can seem not wet enough, as the juice absorbs over time. It won’t spoil the taste, just remember to mix it a bit before use. The intense flavor appears when shisha is heated. Pack the bowl generously, but not too dense to let the air flow freely. Push it to locate below the rim of the bowl leaving a small place for the foil or screen. The foil mustn’t contact the molasses to preserve the taste and prevent quick burning.

STARLIGHT Charcoal with Al Fakher Shisha – the best for the classical mint flavor

Starlight Charcoal 1 Roll with Al Fakher Shisha MolassesThe set comes with a wonderful traditional mint flavor though you can choose any other by sending a message to the seller. The hookah will be ready in several minutes with instant light tablets which are lit by a lighter. Smokeless charcoals are included too.

The taste is smooth and refreshing. The shisha is tobacco-free but it does contain nicotine. If you quit smoking, this can be an alternative.


  • Any flavor can be ordered by contacting the seller
  • Includes comfy instant light tablets
  • The tablets can be lit with a lighter
  • Charcoals are wrapped in aluminum foil
  • They are smokeless and last for about an hour
  • Nontobacco product
  • Alternative to tobacco smoking
  • A refreshing feeling


  • The price fluctuates
  • Shisha contains nicotine
  • It’s not one 250g box, but 5 small boxes

The pack consists of tobacco-free shisha, a roll of ten charcoals wrapped in aluminum foil and instant light tablets. Beware the molasses contain nicotine.

VEEBOOST Fantasia Herbal Shisha– the best for sweet fruit taste

Hookah Flavors Fantasia Herbal Shisha 300gFantasia herbal shisha stands out by its high quality and delicious sweety fruity taste. The flavors in the set are very popular and admired by lots of hookah users. Smoking is smooth but with huge thick smoky clouds.

If you use this shisha in a glass hookah with slices of fruit the experience will burst all your senses. Reliable heavy duty metal tongs are a bonus. You can use them for placing shisha, charcoals or fruit.


  • 6 excellent sweet fruit flavors
  • Includes stainless steel coal tongs
  • Premium quality shisha without harsh or ghost taste or smell
  • Delicious long-lasting taste
  • Smooth and pleasant smoke
  • Enormous clouds of smoke
  • Nicotine free


  • Rather expensive, but worth it
  • Bigger size packaging isn’t available

The choice of charcoals affects the smoking process, heat and the taste of shisha. For pure flavors use tablet coals, as they burn better than cube ones.

The Buyer’s Guide

There are many interesting mixes available on the market. If you want to pick the best shisha flavors, don’t be lazy and try. This will help you understand what you like best.

The diversity of flavors 

Many people like fresh flavors of hookah shisha. They can be easily combined with each other, complementing each other, softening more aggressive and harsh tastes. Popular fresh mono flavors such as mint, lemon and lime, grapefruit, green apple, orange, watermelon can be added to a hookah and mixed with a sweet flavor. The result will be wonderful.

Individual mix

Fresh tastes help to open familiar flavors in a new way and get unusual impressions, even if it seems that you have already tried everything. When the main flavors are already known, it’s time to compose the mix yourself by repeating the recipe from the Internet. Over time you will be able to develop a completely original hookah taste.

Special atmosphere

The choice of aromas is also influenced by the desired atmosphere. If you are planning a romantic evening then delicate fruit, floral tones or the smell of spices will do. It is worth adding something invigorating to a hookah for a friendly party and on the contrary, some relaxing flavours for a calm home evening.

Additional accessories

For smoking a hookah remember to buy shisha, charcoals, foil covers, mouth tips, tongs and it’s better all in one set.

Quality of materials and ingredients

Safe user and eco-friendly materials and high quality shisha guarantee pure taste and great feelings during and after smoking. 

Tobacco and nicotine free shisha

Those who don’t smoke tobacco can enjoy healthy and delicious non tobacco herbal shisha.

 Other tips for buyers of hookah flavors

  • The selection of flavors included in the sets is often random. Always look at the details, not only the picture.
  • Read the contents and recommendations on the package before use. 
  • Herbal shisha flavors can be emphasized with the taste and smell of fruit slices. The view is hypnotizing. 


Among a wide variety of tastes herbal tobacco and nicotine free shisha gains popularity with a new generation of health and eco conscious hookah users. Fantastic fruit flavors are made from sugar cane molasses. Despite your choice any of these herbal shishas will give exceptional smoking experience with smooth delicious taste and dense clouds.

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