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5 Best Churchwarden Pipes

Best Churchwarden Pipes

Most recommended
Lilka ClassicaExtra Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe
  • 14 Inches
  • Rosewood Bowl
  • Cool Soothing Draw

A good choice too
Mr. BrogTobacco Smoke Pipe - Churchwarden No 14
  • Pear Wood Roots
  • 3mm Reusable Stinger Filter
  • Handmade

A good choice too
F.e.s.s.F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe
  • Bowl Chamber Depth: 33.2
  • Durable
  • Comes with a Gift Box

GStarGstar 16 Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift Box
  • 16 Inches
  • Bowl is NOT Detachable
  • Comes with a Gift Box

Lilka ClassicaLong Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe 14
  • 14 Inches
  • Rosewood Bowl
  • Comes with a Gift Box

The smoking pipe was the first device for tobacco smoking. It remained the most popular way of smoking until the middle of the last century. Then, it slowly started to be replaced by cigarettes and cigars. But even today, pipes are in great demand among tobacco gourmets, representatives of various ethnic groups, and artists.

Pipes are also used by people who want to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes. It is known that pure tobacco contains fewer chemicals than manufactured cigarettes.

You can easily get a good pipe today. The manufacturers offer a variety of different shapes and designs. Modern pipes can be made from very expensive materials, but still, the best pipes are made from the following tree species – heather, beech, pear, cherry, walnut. Some smokers prefer foam pipes produced from a special mineral foam.

The length of a smoking pipe has a significant impact on smoking taste. Passing through the stem, the smoke cools down and discharges condensate. Passing through the mouthpiece channel, it only cools down. Therefore, any long pipe smokes cooler than a short one, and a pipe with a long stem is also dry. And this and that makes the smoke tastier. Smoking pipes with an extremely long mouthpiece (from 20 cm) are called churchwardens. And in this article, we will review 5 best-selling modes of churchwarden pipes.

Extra Long Churchwarden Pipe – a great gift idea for an experienced smoker

Extra Long Churchwarden Tobacco PipeThis handmade pipe is designed in Indian style with characteristic feathers and beads. The decoration can be removed. It is 14 inches long and has a strong stem. A charcoal filter with a metal stopper is built-in inside.

Stem and bowl can be easily disconnected if you need to clean the device with running water. Alternatively, you can use a special pipe cleaner for this purpose.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Handmade;
Exotic design;
Comes in a gift box;
Strong metal stem;
2-month replacement term;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Plastic connection used in construction.
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

This pipe will be a great idea for true tobacco smokers. It comes packed in gift box layers with velvet lining inside. The thing looks decorative, but it is a fully working smoking device. It is good for tobacco and various herbal blends. Some users complained about the weak plastic connection of the bowl. But if you handle it with care, it will serve you well for many years. This thing deserves its money.

Mr.Brog Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe – a compact bowl pipe for a beginner

Tobacco Smoke Pipe - Churchwarden No 14This elegant pipe is made from pear wood roots. The handmade design makes it look very sophisticated. The pipe has a removable metal filter inside, but you can replace it with paper ones or just remove it entirely to provide better airflow.

The pipe is 9.5 inches long. This size enables you to keep your face away from the smoke.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Eye-pleasing design;
Long stem for convenient smoking;
Compact bowl;
Ideal for traveling;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Not self-standing pipe;
The stem is made of plastic
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

This pipe model is recommended for beginners or intermittent smokers. The bowl can contain enough tobacco for a short smoke. The pipe is good for smoking any type of herbs. However, some users complain about a weak plastic stem that can be easily broken or cracked. So if you are a heavy smoker, we recommend you select a bit stronger and bigger pipe for regular use. Other than that, this pipe is great for occasional smoking.

F.E.E.S. Long Tobacco Pipe– a perfect device for everyday smoking

F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Tobacco PipeThis classic churchwarden pipe is finished with a wood coating. It consists of three parts: the bowl, the stem, and the mouthpiece.

It is equipped with a big enough bowl which allows you to enjoy smoking without constant refilling. The device comes with a 9mm carbon filter that can be easily replaced when needed.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Nice design;
Big bowl;
Can be disassembled in parts;
Packed in a gift box;
Comfortable to hold;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Needs often cleaning.
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

This pipe is a great device for everyday smoking. It will add a special zest to your smoking process. This pipe is good for both tobacco and medical herbs. Some users comment that it quickly gets clogged and often requires cleaning. So it is recommended to purchase a pipe cleaner for this purpose. The pipe comes with a gift box so you can buy it for a present to your friends or colleagues.

16” Pear Wood Pipe – a classic pipe with a cleaning tool

Gstar 16 Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift BoxThis pipe comes as a part of a 3-in-1 kit. Buying it, you will also get a cleaning and a beautiful gift box. The pipe has a 16-inch metal tube and the bowl is made of natural pearwood.

Being very affordable, the pipe does its work flawlessly, and you will enjoy the perfect amount of airflow it provides.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Attractive design;
Comes with a cleaning tool kit;
Packed in a gift box;
Bowl is made of pear wood;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Bowl is not removable;
Hard to clean;
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

This nicely packed set will add a festive atmosphere to your smoking process. It will also be a great gift for the coming holidays and for every other occasion. The pipe is designed both for tobacco and herbs, but some users comment that herbs burn too fast and you should choose a bigger bowl for this purpose. Besides, it may be a bit difficult to clean, so avoid getting the pipe clogged.

14” Long Tobacco Pipe – a great smoking accessory for every occasion

Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe 14This extra-long churchwarden pipe comes in a beautiful gift box lined with velvet material. It has a solid design and a bowl made in rosewood.

It is equipped with a filter that can be replaced when needed. You can remove the bowl and mouthpiece for proper cleaning. It is often ordered to complete the party look.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Elegant design;
Sturdy construction;
Comes packed in a gift box;
Strong and durable;
2-month replacement term;
[/i2pros] [i2cons] Not impact resistant
[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

This churchwarden pipe length makes the process even more enjoyable keeping the smoke far from your eyes. This pipe will give a special touch to your party look. The pipe provides a moderate draw. Several users reviewed it can easily crack when occasionally dropped. So we recommend you to look for a more reliable construction if you intend to use it every day.

The Buyer’s Guide

Today, there is a huge selection of smoking pipes. So if you are not well versed in this matter, it is very difficult to make a choice. What to focus on when choosing? Keep reading to learn these nuances.

Pipe shape

A smoking pipe should not only cope with its main function ideally but also look elegant.

  • Shaped pipes may seem more aesthetic looking, but you need to be a skilled smoker to handle them correctly. Extremely curved stems have a very small distance between the smoke duct and the neighboring wall of the bowl. The entrance of the pipe has very thin walls and easily burns through. It results in draft jumps and combustion of tobacco, and sooner or later, the walls of the tobacco chamber will wear out.
  • Slightly curved pipes are easier to hold in the mouth.
  • Straight pipes can be easily cleaned. If you are a beginning pipe smoker, start with this design.

Tobacco bowl

The medium-size bowl is the best decision. The ideal tobacco chamber should not exceed 3.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. Bigger bowls are heavy and not convenient to hold in the teeth, and their walls fail to get hot enough. But the benefit is that it fits well in the hand.


If you are going to fill your pipe with a scented herb mixture, it is better to choose a pipe with a filter as it will prevent discomfort to your tongue. The filter is softening smoking by absorbing the tar. But it also leads to additional costs for replacing the filter.

A tube with a cooler is more economical as you do not need to constantly buy filters. They are more popular.

A pipe without a filter gives a cooler smoking effect, and you need to know how to smoke it correctly not to get burned. However, this pipe does not affect the feel of the tobacco burning temperature.

Make material

  • Pipes made of fruit trees are fragile and not resistant to temperature influences. But they have an undeniable advantage – low cost. However, it is not a sign of high quality.
  • Foam pipes are very moisture- absorbing, and after smoking, the pipe is soaked with it. The pipe should be left to dry out rest before the next smoking.
  • Pipes made of such materials as ceramics or metal are not suitable for smoking at all. They will be a nice souvenir but not functional, unfortunately.
  • Briar pipes are considered the most appropriate tools for continuous smoking and are of good quality. If you have never smoked a pipe before, it is the best device to start with.


Why are churchwarden pipes so long?

Churchwarden pipes are longer than other types of smoking pipes because they were specially designed to be used by people who would sit on a bench outside the churches in Europe. The long stem provided insulation from the cold, and this allowed churchgoers to enjoy their smokes without having their hands freeze as well!

How long should a churchwarden be?

Churchwarden pipes come in a variety of sizes, but typically they are around nine to twelve inches long. This length provides the smoker with plenty of time to enjoy their pipe without having to constantly relight it. It also gives the smoke plenty of time to cool down before reaching the lungs.

Churchwardens can also be custom-made to the smoker’s preference. If someone prefers a more pocket-friendly option, they can choose shorter options that are around seven inches or so.

Most churchwardens fall in the mid-price range for pipes of their style and size. A churchwarden pipe will typically cost somewhere between $50-100 depending on where you purchase it from and if it is a custom piece.

Churchwarden pipes are also available in multiple materials including clay, wood, plastic, and glass. Most smokers agree that the wooden pieces work best due to their natural ability to absorb heat over time. This makes for cooler smoke throughout the entire experience of smoking your pipe.

Clay churchwardens can be found for a lower price, but they are not as popular because they can crack more easily. Glass churchwardens look very elegant and can be quite decorative, but they do not work well with tobacco.

Churchwarden pipes have been around for centuries and their popularity is still going strong. They provide a unique smoking experience that cannot be found with other pipes.

Churchwarden pipes are a great option for anyone looking to add to their pipe collection or give smoking a unique experience that they have never had before. They can be used by both new and experienced smokers alike, making them an ideal choice for just about everyone!

How do you clean a churchwarden pipe?

Churchwarden pipes are great for smoking but must be taken care of properly. They require regular cleaning to ensure they last a long time and do not get clogged up with residue from the tobacco. Most churchwardens can come apart in two pieces which makes it easy to clean both the inside by blowing out any ash or debris as well as the outside with a cloth. If your churchwarden does not come apart it is still possible to clean out any ash or dirt by using alcohol and rubbing it on the inside of the pipe while blowing through one end.

The process for cleaning varies depending on how often you smoke in addition to what kind of tobacco you are smoking, but the process is essentially the same. Start by emptying any tobacco from your pipe and scraping out as much residue from the bottom of it as you can with a pick or other small tool that fits into your churchwarden. You want to make sure there are no large chunks left, otherwise, they could clog up the end of your pipe when you go to smoke again.

Once the pipe is clean, fill a small bowl with alcohol and soak the stem and mouthpiece for about five minutes. After letting it soak, use a pipe cleaner or Q-tip to clean out any remaining dirt or residue. Finally, blow through the end of the pipe to make sure everything is clean and dry before putting it back together.

If you follow these simple steps, your churchwarden pipe will last for many clouds of smoke!

Can you clean a tobacco pipe with water?

Churchwarden pipes are the best type of tobacco pipe to use if you want to clean it with water. The long stem makes it easy to get down into the bowl and cleaning kit, and the extra space in the chamber gives you plenty of room to soak the pipe cleaner. Make sure that you dry the pipe completely before using it again, or the moisture will cause the tobacco to taste bad.

The best way to clean a churchwarden pipe is with a special cleaning kit that you can buy from your local tobacconist. These kits usually come with a few different types of pipe cleaners, as well as a small bottle of alcohol-based cleaner. Soak the pipe cleaner in the alcohol solution, then use it to scrub out all of the residues from your bowl. Repeat this until you see no more black bits coming off on the pipe cleaner when you swish it around inside the chamber. When you are done with that stage, rinse each piece under running water and dry them thoroughly before reassembling.

How do you clean a pipe without alcohol?

One way to clean a pipe without using alcohol is by using a product called “Pipe Sweetener.” Pipe Sweetener is made of natural ingredients and it helps keep your pipe clean. All you have to do is put a small amount of the sweetener in your bowl, and then tamp it down. When you light up, the sweetener will start to burn and it will help clean the bowl of your pipe.

Another way to clean a pipe without using alcohol is by using a product called “Briar Pipe Cleaner.” Briar Pipe Cleaner is also made of natural ingredients, and it helps keep your pipe clean. All you have to do is put a small amount of the cleaner in your bowl, and then tamp it down. When you light up, the cleaner will start to burn and it will help clean the bowl of your pipe.

If you don’t want to use a product to clean your pipe, you can also use a piece of sandpaper. All you have to do is wet the sandpaper, put it in your bowl, and turn the pipe to get the inside of the bowl.

To conclude, there are many ways you can clean a pipe without using alcohol. The three methods described above all work very well and they will keep any smoker happy!

What is the best pipe brand?

There are a lot of different pipe brands on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is the best for you. Some people prefer English pipes, while others prefer Italian or French pipes. There are also several American pipe brands available, as well as German and Scandinavian brands.

So what is the best pipe brand? That depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer English pipes because of their unique shape and the fact that they offer a cool, smooth smoke. Italian and French pipes are also popular because of their elegant designs and superior craftsmanship. American pipe brands are known for their quality and affordability, while German and Scandinavian brands are considered some of the best in the world.

Consequently, a lot of smokers have a few different pipes in their collection so that they can choose which one is best for them based on mood and preference.

How long should a churchwarden pipe rest between smokes?

A churchwarden pipe should rest between smokes for about 30 minutes. This is so the excess moisture will evaporate from the tobacco and stem, ensuring better smoke down the line. Some smokers like to give their pipes longer rests though; some may wait hours or even days! But this isn’t necessary if you follow our advice on how to smoke a churchwarden pipe.

Churchwarden pipes are great for smoking tobacco, and they’re also perfect for use with aromatic blends. The long stem helps to cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth, which is why these pipes are ideal for smoking aromatics. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy your favorite aromatics, then a churchwarden pipe is a perfect choice!

Are old churchwarden pipes worth anything?

Churchwarden pipes are long, straight smoking devices that were typically used by men in the 17th and 18th centuries. The name is derived from churchwardens because of their association with these officials. However, they’ve become popular again as part of a revival among pipe smokers who appreciate the elegance and style associated with this type of pipe.

How do you polish a churchwarden pipe?

Churchwarden pipes are beautiful, but the materials they’re made from can be prone to tarnishing and discoloration. To keep your churchwarden looking great for years of use, you’ll need to have some knowledge on how to properly take care of it. A lot of this has a lot to do with what kind of polish you use on it.

There are a few different types of polishes you can use on your churchwarden pipe: wax, oil, and paste. Wax is the most common type of polish for churchwardens, and it comes in both liquid and solid forms. It’s easy to apply and gives your pipe a nice shine, but it does wear off quickly. You can find beeswax at most hobby or craft stores, and you’ll need to re-apply it every few weeks depending on how often your churchwarden is used.

Oil polishes are great for pipes because they also moisturize the wood in addition to giving it a nice shine, but oil products can be a bit more difficult to apply. You’ll need to make sure the oil is evenly spread on the entire pipe, and it’s a good idea to let it sit for a few hours before buffing it off with a cloth.

Paste polishes are probably the most durable type of polish you can use on your churchwarden pipe, but they can also be the most difficult to apply. You’ll need to make sure you get all of the paste onto the pipe, and it’s a good idea to let it sit for a few hours before buffing it off with a cloth.

No matter what type of polish you choose to use on your churchwarden pipe, always make sure to read the directions carefully to avoid any damage.

Video Tutorial: Churchwardens


If you are going to buy a pipe online, choose the trusted stores that value their reputation. You will be selecting a pipe based on the pictures. So make sure that you realize the correct size of the pipe. Reliable manufacturers always specify all pipe dimensions: length, weight, the capacity of the tobacco bowl, the presence or absence of a filter. To simplify this task, print out the pipe image in its true size and take a closer look.

Do not forget to purchase the necessary accessories for a tobacco pipe, as well as high-quality tobacco for smoking. Learn how to properly light, smoke, and care for your smoking device. And the pipe will bring you many hours of enjoyment.