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5 Best Menthol Cigarette Tubes

Most recommended
  • 5 Pack
  • 200ct/box
  • King Size

A good choice too
  • 5 Boxes
  • 200ct/box
  • King Size

A good choice too
  • 5 Boxes
  • 200ct/box
  • 100mm

  • 5 Boxes
  • 200ct/box
  • King Size

  • 5 Boxes
  • 200ct/box
  • Regular Size

A menthol cigarette tube is an innovative product designed for smokers who want to still enjoy smoking while getting the cooling sensation of a minty flavor. Menthol cigarette tubes are available in both King-size and 100-mm size, each with varying levels of nicotine content from low to high.

Many people who smoke menthol cigarettes are looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite flavor. When you’re in the market for a menthol cigarette, it’s important that you know what your options are – and how they stack up against each other.

The good news is that this article will give you a list of all the different types and brands available as well as some helpful tips for your search. You’ll also get reviews from other industry professionals about their favorite type and brand of menthol cigarette tube. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide useful.

Zen Menthol King Cigarette Tubes – the Editor’s choice!

These ZEN’s cigarette tubes come in packs of 200 that equals 1000 total cigarette tubes per box which will last for months and months if used properly.

These tubes are not only great to use for cigarettes themselves, but they also work as a great accessory holder too! By filling these up with blends of your choosing and using a loader, you can smoke from the comfort of anywhere without worrying about running out of smoke.

  • 1000 tubes in 5 packs;
  • High quality;
  • Easy to use;
  • Nice smell;
  • The package is easy to crush;
  • They burn up quickly;

Each Zen Menthol King Cigarette Tubes box contains 200 empty tubes, perfect for creating your own rolls.

Gambler Green Menthol RYO Cigarette Tubes – the best for King-size cigarettes!

Gambler Green Menthol King Size RYO Cigarette Tubes 200ct Box (5 Boxes)Gambler Green Menthol RYO Cigarette Tubes are perfect for King-size cigarettes. King-size means more room to be comfortable and it can extend smoking time by up to 20 minutes. Not only that, these tubes have a nice menthol taste you’ll love.

They’re easy on your wallet too – Gambler is a great price so you won’t feel guilty about breaking the bank every time you roll your cigarettes. Plus, they use quality ingredients that keep them fresh long after opening their wrapper.

  • For King-size cigarettes;
  • Nice menthol taste;
  • Compatible with most cigarette-rolling machines;
  • Good price;
  • Stays fresh long;
  • Some tubes arrive damaged;

These King-size tubes are just the deal if you’re looking for a bit of menthol taste in your RYO cigs. They go great with any rolling machine, and they stay fresh so you always enjoy your smoke!

Zen Menthol 100mm Cigarette Tubes – the best for quality!

Zen Menthol 100mm Cigarette Tubes (200 Ct/box) 5 Boxes by ZenIf you like the cigarette smell, but not all of that nasty carcinogen business, then Zen Menthol 100mm Cigarette Tubes are just for you. Now no more dirty hands with messy paper rolls and sticky lighters. These tubes come in a pack of 5 boxes with 1000 tubes inside.

Get your Zen on as these easy to smoke cigarettes meet every smoker’s needs. The strong filter and the nice menthol taste make this product perfect for smokers that want a good quality smoke.

  • Good for making 100-mm RYO cigarettes;
  • 1000 tubes in 5 boxes;
  • High quality;
  • Slow burn;
  • Strong filter;
  • Nice menthol flavor and taste;
  • Some tubes are delivered crushed;
  • Wrong size filters occur;
  • Expensive;

Rich tobacco flavor with a gentle hint of cool, refreshing menthol. Burn time up to a few minutes depending on how you roll them. Zen is your answer when it comes to quality RYO cigarettes for even the most advanced rollers.

Beretta Menthol King-Size Cigarette Tubes – the best for a light draw!

Beretta Menthol King Size Cigarette Tubes (200ct per Box - 5 Boxes)Indulge in a cool, minty cigarette with Menthol King-Size Cigarette Tubes. These sleek tubes hold 200 filter tipped cigarettes and are perfect for that mentholated feeling. You can even see the black filter tip through the clear white tube.

The full-bodied taste of Beretta Menthol is nothing like an ordinary cigarette. It’s less harsh and has a smoother, minty flavor with refreshing eucalyptus undertones that gives you that chill you crave on a warm day.

  • Filter-tipped tubes;
  • 17-mm filters are perforated;
  • Light draw;
  • Cool mint taste;
  • Stylish;
  • Longer than regular tubes;
  • Some filters are not perforated;

Stock up with 200 filter tipped, king-size, mentholated cigarette tubes. These filters are perforated for a smoother draw and have a milder menthol taste than any other hot tube on the market.

Gambler Regular Menthol Cigarette Tubes – the best menthol flavor!

Gambler Regular Menthol Cigarette Tubes 5 BoxesSmoke cool fresh air with Gambler Regular Menthol Cigarette Tubes. They taste great because the menthol flavor isn’t too overpowering. They’re made well, too! From smooth Marlboro Lights to strong Newport 100s, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with Gambler.

Their filters are strong and go through most cigarette-rolling machines nicely. Plus, you may get 1,000 tubes in 5 boxes at once.

  • Nice menthol flavor;
  • Strong filters;
  • 1000 tubes in 5 boxes;
  • Good for most cigarette-rolling machines;
  • Made well;
  • Expire quickly;
  • Bad packaging;

Gambler Regular Menthol Cigarette Tubes can be the perfect solution for those in search of a less intense menthol blend. Their high-quality construction means these tubes will last you much longer than your average cigarette tube.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features:

Choosing the best menthol cigarette tubes can be tough because there are so many different types to choose from. 

3 main factors that you should consider when deciding which type of tube is right for you: 

  • Taste. Tubes come in a variety of flavors such as peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, natural or grapefruit. These all have their own unique tastes but we recommend going with peppermint if you want something refreshingly sweet! Peppermint also has been said to help reduce cravings since it stimulates saliva production similar to actual cigarettes do with nicotine withdrawal;
  • Potency. This refers to how potent or strong the flavor is. Some people may want a more mild taste while others might crave something much stronger, like wintergreen that has been known for its bold menthol flavor. You can also experiment with different strengths before you find your favorite one. Just remember that when it comes to being away from smoking cigarettes, less is best so try starting out slow and gradually increasing until you’ve found the right intensity for your liking;
  • Throat hit. Throat hit is important because this will help give you some of what cigarette smokers miss most: feeling their throat “hit” as they inhale smoke into their lungs. There are two types of tubes that will provide a different type of throat hit: menthol and non-menthol. Menthol tubes will give you a stronger, more intense smoke while cigarettes have been known to be much smoother in flavor with less of that “hitting” feeling;

Can Menthol be Addictive?

Menthol is not addictive. The misconception that menthol can be a form of tobacco addiction may have started because people falsely believe that it has the same hazardous chemicals as cigarettes, including nicotine and tar. Therefore, if you’re addicted to smoking but want to switch from regular cigarettes, this could lead some smokers to think they are also addicted to menthol cigarette tubes.


What is the best menthol tobacco for rolling cigarettes?

You should try a variety of different menthol tobaccos before deciding on one that you like the best, and there are many places online where you can buy menthol tobacco. Determine what your preferences and budget are first before making a purchase because it’s important to know beforehand if the price for an item is worth it or not. 

Popular menthol cigarettes include American Spirits’ Gold Pack that comes in a variety of flavors like mint or cherry. Another option is Sobranie’s White Menthol Tobacco Blend that also has a great taste with no bite if you’re looking to mix your own blend instead of using one already made.

What cigarette has the most menthol?

Rothmans International Cigarettes is the most menthol cigarette. The company Rothmans was established in 1898 and it has been considered as one of the best tobacco brands ever since then. Many smokers have tried this brand because they claim that its taste is incomparable to others. It might not be everyone’s favorite, but according to them, it deserves a try.

Is there a difference in cigarette tubes?

Yes, there is a difference in cigarette tubes. Not all are equal and you will want to make sure that the one you purchase fits your needs. There are differences between menthol cigarettes and regular cigarettes as well which may have an impact on what type of tube you use. The best way to find out if this would work better for you is by trying it out first before making a decision or purchasing anything from the store at least once so that you can get a feel for how they work with your body chemistry. 

Some people do not like using any kind of tobacco but still need something for their habit such as quitting smoking cold turkey without nicotine replacement therapies available where they live or simply don’t like electronic cigarettes because they prefer “real” smokes .

Are menthol cigs being banned?

No, not yet. Menthol cigarettes have been a controversial issue for decades – in the past, because they were seen as more addictive than other tobacco products and now due to the public health concerns that menthol can mask symptoms of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, there has never been an outright ban on them.

Menthols are still legal (though with some restrictions) in New York City thanks to former Mayor Bloomberg’s 2004 smoking law banning stores from selling such smokes within 500 feet of schools or playgrounds and requiring retailers keep cigarettes out of sight so children don’t see them tempting their parents. The “Big Apple” also requires these types of packs to come with warning labels about addiction along with Surgeon General warnings and mandated cigarette lists of chemicals.

In other places, the conversation has been more heated with:

  • proposals to prohibit smoking at all public events in Richmond, VA
  • a proposal by Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander who wants menthol cigarettes banned outright from LA-area stores (along with flavored tobacco products) but notes that he’s still gathering support for it; 
  • recent bans on selling these types of smokes within 500 feet of school grounds or parks in some cities such as Chicago;

Across the border too, Ontario just passed legislation banning this type of product near schools starting July 2017 – which could have ripple effects across Canada if followed nationwide.

This doesn’t mean there is an outright ban on them though because they’re still widely available and often the first type of cigarette a person will try.

What states banned menthol cigarettes?

Menthol cigarettes are banned in California, New York City and Boston. Some other states have bans on flavored tobacco products if they were introduced after 2009. These include Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oregon.

Are menthol cigarettes worse for you than normal cigarettes?

The research is inconclusive and often contradictory. The FDA says they have no evidence to show that menthol cigarettes are a “gateway” to smoking or addiction, but the National Cancer Institute has found some correlation between people who smoke menthols having increased risk of cancer. Regardless, it’s important not to drink alcohol with tobacco products because this can cause an increase in nicotine absorption which may lead to additional health risks such as addiction.

Menthol cigarette tubes provide smokers with soothing relief from dry mouth and throat irritation caused by regular cigarettes, making them more likely stay away from other harmful substances like alcohol while still enjoying their habit. Additionally, many experts believe that mentholated cigarettes might help reduce the severity of coughing fits associated with smoking.

The FDA has found them to be less harmful than other cigarettes, and mentholated cigarette tubes are the most popular type of tobacco product among youth smokers.

Is Marlboro Black Menthol strong?

Marlboro Black Menthols are a powerful menthol cigarette, with a medium amount of nicotine. They also have the intense flavor and refreshing smoke that many smokers love about their favorite cigarettes. There is no denying its popularity among menthol lovers both new and old to the habit.

What are the side effects of menthol cigarettes?

Little to no nicotine. Milder, smoother smoke with a sweet and refreshing taste- some people compare it to iced tea. Menthol cigarettes are less addictive than other types of tobacco products like cigars or cigarettes that aren’t mentholated. They provide fewer toxins in the bloodstream while releasing more carbon monoxide into your lungs which is an important factor for those looking for ways to quit smoking altogether as well as those who wish to reduce their intake of these substances without quitting all together. 

It also has been speculated by researchers that there may be a link between mental illness and menthol cigarette use due to how soothing it can feel on the throat, but this correlation needs further research before any conclusions can be made about its connection with mood disorders.

What can I say? I really like menthol-flavored hand-rolled cigarettes. And I get my supplies from the most reputable brands I want to recommend to all readers of SmokeProfy.

How did I pick my top 3 best menthol cigarette tubes:

  • Zen is one of my favorite brands when it comes to hand-rolled tubes. This particular box offers 200 pieces of king-size;
  • Gambler – there are high chances that you use this brand’s products daily. Another stuffed pack with 200 king-size pieces;
  • Beretta is less known, but their menthol tubes are extremely flavored and affordable;

The major criteria here is flavor, so make sure to order a few tubes before a whole package from an unknown brand. By the way, I’ve recently prepared the review of cigarette rolling machines that will perfectly match the above-mentioned filter tubes.

Benefits of menthol cigs

If you don’t understand why to pick menthol cigs over regular hand-rolls, check my benefits I’m not tired to repeat:

  • Menthol cigs have a lower nicotine content;
  • Lower lever of harshness for the smoker’s lungs;
  • Menthol cigs are considered less addictive and, logically, the best ones for beginners;

I’d like to learn the feedback of experience aficionados of hand-rolled menthol cigs. What filters and tubes do you use? What machines do you find awesome? Your comments are extremely important to keep this website – SmokeProfy – going! By the way, how did you find this guide – was it useful or convincing? I can’t wait to discuss my choices with you!

Video Tutorial: Top Mentol Cigarette Tobacco Review

Final thoughts 

The menthol cigarette tube’s market is robust and it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your search by showing you all of the different types and brands available, as well as some helpful tips for finding a good fit.

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