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How Many Cigars in a Box?

How many cigars in a box

Have you ever wondered why there is a certain amount of cigars in a brand’s box? And why is this amount different compared to other brand boxes or packages? To answer all these questions, it is better to start from the very beginning.

The origins of a cigar box

A cigar box is a container for cigar wrapping in the form of a box. Cigar boxes have traditionally been constructed of wood, plastic, or paper. Because of its gorgeous grain, fine texture, good odor, and ability to keep out bugs, Spanish cedar has been listed as the “best” kind of wood for boxes. Yellow poplar and eucalyptus were popular replacements, which were dyed and scented to look like it. Mahogany, elm, and white oak are also popular woods for cigar boxes. While Circassian walnut, basswood, and rosewood are less common.

The history of storage

Cuban cigar manufacturers used to bundle and mask their cigars with pig bladders. To hide the taste, they used vanilla.

Cigars started to be held in huge wooden chests, similar to those used by pirates to store doubloons, in amounts of 10,000.

But it was a long time ago. H. Upmann began the practice of keeping cigs in cedar boxes in 1830. The firm was a bank at the moment, and the cigars were presented to their employees.

The cedar preserved the cigars well humidified, and it became the modern norm for cigar packaging.

The majority of current cigars are packaged in wooden boxes, but they are not made of sturdy cedar. They’re mostly made of cedar plywood. Sturdy cigar boxes are used for the most expensive stogies. The two most popular forms of wood applied for such high-end cigars are cedar and mahogany.

In recent years, tiny boxes and samplers have also become common. Typically, each sampler contains 5 cigars, and each sampler contains several cigars from the same company. You don’t have to screw your nose up at those goodies simply because they’re normally stored in a cardboard package. It is a good option if you need to buy a modest gift for cigar aficionados.

Cigars were highly restricted for tax reasons in the 1860s. Cigars were allowed to be distributed in boxes of 25, 50, 100, or 250 cigs by the government. This was done to make sorting the cigars for tax reasons easier.

Traditional types of cigar boxes

There are many different styles of cigar boxes, each with its own construction and function:

  • Dress boxes. The most famous cigar box design is the dress box. It is cardboard or (more commonly) wooden box of paper with cigar logos on it;
  • 13-toppers. The dress box’s 13-topper may be called a subcategory. These typically keep 25 cigars in two layers, with 12 cigars on the bottom layer and 13 cigars on the top layer;
  • Semi-Boite boxes. The Semi-Boite Nature is another famous cigar box. The box is made of cedar and has hooks and a snap to hold it locked;
  • Cabinet selection. It’s a wooden box with a door that slides up and down. These normally hold 25 to 50 cigars and are generally bound with a ribbon. These are typically reserved for premium cigars and feature some distance between the cigs;
  • 8-9-8 boxes. An 8-9-8 is a cigar box with 3 rows. The name gives it away: 8 cigars are kept on the bottom, 9 in the center, and 8 more on top;
  • Two-layer boxes. Packages of box-pressed cigars kept in two layers with the same amount of cigars in each layer;
  • Bundles. It comes in a no-package format of anything between 10 and 50 cigars. Bundles have been common for decades and continue to be so today. The cigars will normally be offered for cheaper since the expense of a box is not included in the list. Though bundled cigars aren’t often called top-of-the-line cigarettes, they do stress consistency and value. Bundles are ideal when a large number of cigars are needed for a large group of regular smokers. Bundle fans are all of our biggest clients, plus many experienced connoisseurs.

The most common size of modern boxes

The most popular cigar boxes carry 25 to 50 cigars, although this number may differ significantly. The number of cigars in a box is determined by two factors: the size of the box and the size of the cigars. The arrangement of cigars in the box differs as well. The cabinet selection is one kind of box that typically has a hinged cover. This is the most famous cigar box, which holds 25 to 50 cigars.

The 8-9-8 box, which contains three layers of cigars, is another popular choice. In this case, the numbers 8, 9, and 8 correspond to the number of cigars in each layer. On the bottom layer of a flat-top box, there are 12 cigars, and on the top layer, there are 13 cigars.

What is the average amount of cigars in a standard box?

A box of cigars will contain anything from 20 to 50 cigs on average. The number of cigars in a box differs based on the type of cigs, the size of the box, and the size of the cigars.

Several cigar boxes are more conventional, and these are known as “cabinet selection.” These boxes usually keep 30-40 cigars and are carefully lined in the box. Other cigar boxes are referred to as “8-9-8 cigar boxes” because they’ve 3 layers of cigars. The box contains a total of 25 cigars, with the bottom layer holding 8 cigars, the middle layer holding 9 cigs, and the top layer holding 8 cigars.

It’s worth noting that certain cigar boxes are known to be more than just storage containers for cigars. The box is a masterpiece of art that should be shown in your house. This ensures that the number of cigars in a cigar box is often limited by the box’s outward presence. This isn’t necessarily the case, but it is with some of the finest cigar humidors and some of the more luxurious cigar brands.

How the brand of the cigars will affect the quantity of cigars in the box?

The type of cigar is one of the first factors that determine how many cigars are included in a box. Various brands will have different approaches, and cigar boxes may be produced in numerous forms. This would have an effect on the quantity of cigars that will fit in their boxes. Some labels will put stronger importance on the box’s physical presentation, reducing the box’s ability to about 25 cigars. Some cigar brands, on the other hand, would place a greater emphasis on packing as many cigars as possible into the box. This is because a single cigar box will hold closer to 40 or 50 cigars.

Gurkha Cigars, for example, would have a different amount in the box than the famous Oliva Serie O brand.

A regular box of 25 Romeo y Julieta big Cuban cigs comes in two layers. A box of 10 in a single layer is also available. Asylum 13 8×80 arrives in a box of 21 pieces that are stacked in four layers.

Other possible variations are 10, 20, and 40. For example, Toro Gordo cigars are offered in 50 pieces per box. 

How does the quality of cigars affect the quantity of cigars in the box?

More costly cigars sometimes come with fewer cigs in the box. This is because the company can put a greater emphasis on making a more appealing cigar box and less on the quantity of cigars made. Since there are fewer cigars throughout the box, the cigars will be thicker and better covered when flying. If there are so many cigars in a box, they can tend to cling together in the heat or be pressed into irregular shapes.

This is why luxury cigar brands often sell only 10 to 15 cigars in a box. Every box can produce fewer cigars, but the standard of every cigar will be considerably better.

Is it worth keeping cigars in their factory boxes?

The safest way to store your cigars, as we all know, is in a well-kept humidor. However, certain cigar humidors, such as cabinet-type humidors and others, are large enough to hold whole boxes of cigs. The moisture from the humidor can hit the cigs in the factory boxes, which is one of the most often asked concerns regarding this method of storage.

Cigar box storage is quick if the circumstances are correct. Cigars that are stored in their original factory boxes will last up to a month after being opened.

The cigars can stay fresh forever if you place the whole box in your humidor, much like they will if you extracted the cigars, although it all depends on how you intend to store the boxes.

Cigar box storage is simple and effective, allowing you to have a wide number of cigs on hand and ready to smoke.

The cigars should be perfect if the cigar boxes are kept locked with their exterior cello on them, equivalent to the box storage in a humidified factory or a cigar store humidor. However, removing the outside cello from the box allows more moist air to seep through the box. Furthermore, opening the lid – or raising it an inch or two – helps still more moist air to join, and it is advised that you do so on a regular basis.

You may push the lid open with any amount of small items. An extra cigar cutter, a cedar spacer stone, or even a rolled-up business card would suffice. You should have the lid propped up for as long as you like. In certain instances, 24 hours is necessary.

Of necessity, eliminating the cover makes for the most air movement, and many smokers who own cabinet humidors adopt this procedure.

Eventually, cardboard boxes are more tightly lined than wooden cabinet-type boxes and do not have cellophane to cover the cigars. Wooden boxes are often favored since they are made of Spanish cedar, which enhances the beneficial effects of Spanish cedar on cigar aging.

How can the method of “dry boxing” save all your cigars?

It’s the act of keeping cigars in a dry box with little humidity. Yes, it’s that easy. It is, though, a bit of a skill to do so without damaging cigars.

To begin, place your cigars in a small jar, such as a travel case. A smaller humidor is simpler to control the atmosphere than a bigger humidor. And, as a general rule, leave some cigars that are too sticky in there for a day or two.

In reality, placing three cigars in your case is a perfect way to get a feel of how to dry the box properly. So, for a day, two days, and three days, continue to smoke one, two days, and three days. If the humidity hasn’t been lowered enough, repeat the procedure. The key is to get an understanding of how this activity affects the conditions of your humidors, events, and habitats.

You’ll feel like a cigar master if you’ve achieved it correctly. You’ll sound like a dope if your dry box cigars don’t turn out, or you’ll excuse us for the lack of successful cigars. You’ll understand more about any case, so there’s that.

You should also use a humidity pack with a 65 percent humidity level to prevent over-drying. If that’s what you’re after, we suggest hold it easy and dry the darn stuff. Don’t go overboard on the glitz.

This is a challenging topic – share your achievements and mistakes in the comments section.