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How Long Do Boveda Packs Last?

Boveda Inc. (Spanish for “vault”) is a Minnetonka, Minnesota-based American company. When it was created in 1997, it was known as Humidipak Inc., but in 2012, it changed its name to Boveda. Each Boveda package contains a saturated solution of clean water and natural salt that has been properly manufactured. A water-vapor permeable membrane holds this saturated solution. Boveda maintains a set level of (RH) inside a closed desktop humidor by releasing or absorbing purified water-vapor via the membrane as required.

All Boveda packages are ISO-certified, FDA-approved, and made in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Boveda’s humidity packs are utilized for a variety of things, including musical instruments, food, etc. Boveda is best recognized for cigar storage, which is why a rising number of humidor companies are using it as their standard humidification system.

Why use Boveda packs for a cigar humidor

  • The simplest solution to keep cigars at the required humidity level;
  • Requires low maintenance;
  • Do not just release moisture but also absorb excess levels of humidity inside the devices;
  • Can be recharged (not recommended but it is possible);
  • Last for a few months if used properly;

How should you use Boveda packages properly?

Boveda packs are specially made containers that control humidity in both directions. Simply place the Boveda Humidity Pack into any container, jar, bag, or storage space and shut the lid. The Boveda pack will manage the humidity in your environment to the desired percentage.

How long do Boveda packs last if used properly?

Depending on the box or container, how often the container is opened/closed, and the ambient environment, Boveda packs may last anywhere from weeks to years.

The pack you receive in your cigar box from the store should last around a month on average. When you buy Boveda packs individually or in a box, they are substantially thicker and contain almost three times more solution. They have a 90-day shelf life. Feeling them is the best method to detect whether they’re spent. The crystals are starting to dry out when the packet begins to feel a touch crunchy. When the crystals have lost all of their moisture, the packet will become rigid.

If the cigars have some spring when you squeeze them on day 30, they should last long enough for you to complete the box. You may want to pick up a few of Boveda 69 percent humidity packets (pictured) just to be cautious.

Finally, when utilizing packs in a factory box, one technique to try is to insert the pack between both rows of cigars. This guarantees that the bottom row receives an equal amount of humidity.

How does the size of Boveda packs impact its durability?

Boveda containers come in 5 different pack sizes. They may be applied in a variety of scenarios. Each size is specified in metric grams, which corresponds to the weight of the contents in the pack. Nevertheless, not all of them are designed to be used with cigars. For example, their 1 and 4-gram variants, which aren’t included here, are often used in retail packaging.

The most common sizes of Boveda packages:

1) 8-gram packages for travel humidors

Except for the little package, this Boveda item is rarely picked for long-term cigar storage. Rather, it is often promoted as a temporary shipping or travel option.

In most cases, one 8-gram pack is enough to moisten around 5 cigars. Although we like to use the bigger 60-gram Boveda packets whenever feasible, the smaller 8-gram packets are ideal for cigar boxes or travel humidors.

If you’re fortunate, a little Boveda pack may be slipped into a zip-lock bag with your purchase. This was generally uncommon, but as more tobacconists become aware of Boveda, it is becoming more popular.

2) 60-gram packs for desktop humidors and tupperdors

It’s doubtful that you haven’t come across a Boveda humidity pack before. You may use the 60-gram packets the most and have them in both desktop and travel humidors since they are universal and adaptable.

The 60-gram Boveda pack contains enough moisture to moisten 25 cigars. It’s vital to remember that this figure refers to the humidor’s claimed storage capacity, not the quantity of cigars you have.

The number of packs you utilize may be doubled by the storage capacity of each 25-count box. As a result, four humidity packs are needed for a 100-count cigar humidor.

3) 320-gram packs for cabinets and coolidors 

In 2016, Boveda developed the 320-gram packs as an option for greater storage options. For the last several years, we’ve been utilizing these packs to humidify our sealed cigar coolidors.

They do, however, work with bigger desktop humidors. For example, a hardwood humidor with a 320-gram pack supported by a metal plate on the lid was recently developed.

Unlike other Boveda packs, they are made to fit the available space rather than the humidor count. In other words, a single 320-gram Boveda pack may moisten a single square foot of extra storage. As a result, the size of the coolidor or cabinet will need to be calculated correspondingly.

Keep in mind that, owing to its two-way barrier, Boveda packs can’t over-humidify a container. Similarly, if the seal is totally airtight, polycarbonate and acrylic humidors may require significantly fewer Boveda packs on occasion.

Different humidity levels of Boveda packages

Boveda has the added benefit of allowing you to choose a precise humidity level based on your requirements. In addition, their humidity levels are precise to within 1% of what is written on the packets.

A wide range of humidity levels is good for different units and humidors with cigars. Not all of them are suitable for cigars, just like the sizes. For example, 32% and 49% are created for musical instruments, whereas 58 percent and 62 percent are manufactured for DIY stogies.

The most common humidity levels of Boveda packs:

1) 62% Boveda packs for long-term service

With a little practice, you’ll be able to determine your preferred humidity level based on your unique tastes. Each amount of humidity might result in a completely distinct smoking experience. As a result, you may experiment with several options to find which you like.

If you want to mature your cigars over a long period, of course, a reduced moisture level could be the process to go.

The cigars will effectively sit in a balanced “limbo” state that allows for a gradual but regulated aging process when combined with a cool and stable temperature.

Some say that as long as the temperature is steady, the particular temperature isn’t as crucial. Nonetheless, they prefer to strive for basement temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although this method is mostly used for Cuban stogies, certain Dominican cigar purists may benefit from it as well.

2) 65% Boveda packs are good for Cuban cigars

Although 62% packs are suitable for aging, 65 percent is better suited to traditional Cuban cigar storage. Because Cuban cigars may absorb moist than so-called “New World” cigars, this is the case. As a result, at a little lower humidity level, they may actually function better. In addition, if the humidity level is high enough, they may develop mold.

Similarly, several Dominican cigars, as well as a few Puros, are best preserved at 65 percent. This, however, is dependent on the brand and the mixture it produces.

Furthermore, some individuals choose to store cigars for lengthy storage or even mature them in a low-humidity atmosphere. This is usually accompanied by lower and steadier temperature.

3) 69% Boveda packs can be good for airtight humidors 

69 percent RH is essentially the default RH level for Boveda packs, creating the optimal atmosphere for your cigars. Instead of designing a simple 70% pack, which is thought to be the optimal amount, the 69 percent remains slightly under to guarantee that it never goes over.

However, it’s assumed that this is used in conjunction with an airtight storage system. 69 percent packs, for example, are best used in acrylic or well-sealed DIY storage systems like coolidors and tupperdors.

Nonetheless, they may function well with certain high-end hardwood humidors.

4) 72% Boveda packs are good for wooden humidors

This humidity level is suggested not just for wooden humidors, but also for seasoning musical instrument boxes. This, though, isn’t especially important.

If you have a traditional wooden humidor, 72 percent packs may be the best way to compensate for slight flaws. Because cigar boxes and travel humidors have weaker seals, cigar smokers prefer to utilize this humidity level for both.

However, it should only be utilized in situations where there is a little amount of humidity exchange. If your humidor is completely airtight, your cigars may get over-humidified.

5) 75% Boveda packs are recommended for leaky humidors

If you’ve a humidor or other storage solution that has a very weak seal, 75 percent packs will allow you to keep your cigars secure. If you’re traveling and just have a standard zip-lock bag, this is also a nice alternative.

You may use it as a short-term fail-safe or a stop-gap, but we don’t advocate utilizing an unstable humidor in general. Instead, this might be a temporary fix while you save up or hunt for a good humidor that won’t have this issue.

6) 84% Boveda packs are good for seasoning

This high-humidity pack is designed for a two-week seasoning process, not for keeping cigars. Boveda’s seasoning packets are meant to properly permeate a hardwood humidor’s cellular structure, rather than the dirty and short-lived standard wipe-down procedure.

Tips for users: packs with various percentages should not be mixed since they may work against each other. Instead, it’s critical to ensure that they’re all on the same page.


Should you activate the Boveda packs before placing them inside a humidor?

No, Boveda requires no activation or severe maintenance. When you get your Boveda packets, they are ready to use. All you have to do now is remove each Boveda pack from the transparent overwrap and set them inside a desktop humidor. That’s true, you don’t have to do any labor or exert any effort. You won’t have to change any valves or attempt to figure out whether you put in too much or too little water if you use Boveda packs, and you’ll never have to refill your unit with water again.

When do you need to replace Boveda packages?

The service of a Boveda pack lasts depends on a number of things, including the container’s size, how frequently it’s opened, and how moist or dry the herbs were, to begin with.

How often should you replace Boveda packages?

Your Boveda pack will be filled with a liquid salt-water solution when you first use it. The solution will harden over time as the salts combine with the water to control humidity. It’s time to change your Boveda pack after it has totally hardened and no liquid content remains.

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