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How To Hold a Cigar the Right Way: Tricks and Tips

The way you hold your cigar is the difference between looking like a seasoned connoisseur and an absolute newbie while smoking. While one need not adhere to the “proper” cigar-holding techniques at all times, a true cigar aficionado understands that mastering this etiquette is crucial when puffing on your favorite stogies. Try out of few of these different grips, and see which one best fits your style.

Ultimately, cigar smoking should be a nice experience. Everyone is free to hold a cigar the way he or she finds most comfortable. However, there is a certain etiquette to follow if you want to learn how to hold a cigar properly.

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Two Ways to Hold a Cigar

1. Four Finger/C-Clamp Grip

This provides the most stability, especially with larger gauged cigars. Take all four fingers, and place them along the top of the cigar. Use your thumb on the bottom to grip  the cigar firmly. This style of grip also gives you more control when cutting and moving the cigar from your mouth to your hand.

2. Three Finger/Pencil Grip 

The pencil grip is used by many experienced smokers because it provides a delicate balance between stability and flexibility while smoking. Place your thumb, index finger and middle finger along the top of the cigar and use your index finger as a pivot point. This style is best used with smaller gauged cigars because it gives you more flexibility and precision when manipulating the cigar.

General Etiquette 

When handling and smoking your cigar, there are some general etiquette tips to keep in mind:

– Do not rush the process of smoking a cigar

– Avoid inhaling the smoke and do not hold it in your lungs for too long

– When finished, place the butt of the cigar in an ashtray or other receptacle

Following these simple guidelines can help you enjoy a pleasant and

Boost your smoking experience

What is the worst way to hold a cigar?

The weak grip of holding a cigar shows that you are a novice. If you hold a stick without any support of other fingers, the ashes can be dropped. Never hold a blunt in such a way.

In conclusion, a couple of interesting things to remember. If you have trimmed the cigar tip yourself, you should enjoy the aroma of a cold cigar from the cut. This allows you to better prepare for the ritual of smoking. It is better to remove the wrap when the cigar is already smoked and warmed up. Due to the warmth, the glue may soften and the wrap is removed easily, without causing any damage to the cover sheet.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

The way you hold a cigar directly depends on your smoking habits. Smoking a cigar is fundamentally different from smoking cigarettes, and not only because the cigar is dragged without letting smoke into the lungs. Smoking cigars is a special ritual that should never be done in a hurry.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

It starts with lighting. Never use paper matches or gasoline lighter to smoke a cigar because in such a way you will “kill” the taste of the best product. Instead, pick a butane torch or wooden matches. How to light a cigar – bring its tip to the fire without touching it. Let the heat from the flame light your cigar.

Hold the cigar in your hand, not in your mouth, and slowly rotate it to allow the leaves to begin to burn evenly. You can also gently blow the cigar tip to make the ignition more even. A couple of drags will help you see if your cigar is smoking well.
And then the most interesting thing starts – the smoking process. Smoking cigars involves following simple rules. For example, experienced smokers do not take sharp, fast and deep drags – it is much better to enjoy the flavor thoughtfully.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

It is believed that the better a cigar, the longer the pile of ash holds on it. Ash resulting from the proper burning of a cigar can be removed by gently tapping your finger on the base of the cigar. You can also tap your cigar on the ash tray itself. You shouldn’t have to apply any real force to the cigar in order to make it ash. If you have to force it, then it isn’t ready, and you should continue to smoke.

Once you’ve finished smoking, you should leave the stick in the ashtray. It will go out on it’s own in a short amount of time.

How to hold a cigar and smoke it properly?

1) Start smoking. Bring a cigar to your mouth and draw in the smoke. Hold the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds and then exhale. Do not inhale the cigar smoke! A cigar is not a cigarette. When you smoke it, you enjoy the flavor, not the nicotine high.

2) Puff slowly. Rotate your cigar every 15-20 seconds. Keep doing this to keep your cigar in good shape. Generally, smoking a good cigar should last at least 45 minutes.

3) Leave the label. Removing it too early provides a chance of damaging the cigar’s wrap. As you smoke, the heat will begin to loosen the glue of the label. Once loose, you can remove it.

4) Enjoy smoking a cigar with an alcoholic beverage. It is not necessary to do it, but alcohol and some drinks can improve smoking and enhance the flavor:

  • Beer
  • Cognac
  • Bourbon
  • Scotch
  • Red wine
  • Coffee

5) Putting the cigar out when you’re done smoking. Just put it aside in the ashtray. Cigars will go out on their own in a couple of minutes if you don’t puff it.

Frequently asked questions about the way of holding a cigar

Can I keep my cigars without the humidor?

If you plan to smoke often, you definitely need a good humidor. Without one, your cigar will dry out within a day (depending on the climate).

Can I smoke cigars in a few rounds?

If you start smoking or have already smoked a cigar in part, you shouldn’t leave it for later. Relighting a cigar can alter the flavor and gives it a chance to dry out.

Can I smoke cigars in a few rounds?

Also, cigars do not need to be kept in your mouth all the time. It will not go out in a minute, like a cigarette, so between drags you can put the cigar on a special ashtray – the tip will slowly smolder. If you do not let the cigar out of your mouth, its tip will get wet, which will not only look untidy but also significantly worsen the taste of the cigar – bitterness appears and fragments of the soaked cover sheet can get into your mouth.

A cigar can only be dragged repeatedly if it has not cooled down yet. It’s okay if you re-smoke your blunt that went out during a friendly chat or business deals. But leaving an under-smoked cigar for a few hours or even days is a sign of not an only bad taste, but also disrespect for the expensive product. Also, keep in mind that a cigar that has been re-smoked will have an unpleasant taste.

How many cigars do I smoke and do I need to tighten it up?

There is no need to light up cigars. Some people prefer to take long drags (like with cigarettes), but this is not right. Nicotine in a cigar is absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. The length of time you smoke depends on the cigar and the pace of the individual smoker.

Do I need to shake the ashes off?

You don’t have to shake it off, it’s not a cigarette. The ashes in a cigar can last quite a while. When you see a break on the ashes column, you can break the ashes on the bottom of the ashtray.

Will cigars go out quickly when I smoke them once?

Yes, they do! Good cigars are the ones that go out the fastest. If you’ve started smoking, you should pay all your attention to the process. And those aren’t loud words from cigar lovers. A good cigar will please you if you approach smoking responsibly.

How much time can I hold a cigar in my mouth?

Just take a puff and let the stick be in a mouth for a few secs to taste it better. Then slightly blow the smoke out. Take a drag and rotate the blunt every 30-60 seconds.

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    A cigar is best enjoyed when it’s been properly rolled. In order to avoid harsh smoke, some things should be taken into consideration before lighting up the stogie. First off, make sure you’re using an appropriate cutter on your cigars and remove any excess tobacco from around them after cutting so they don’t break apart during the smoking process. Make sure not to overstuff or under-prepared your wrapper either because this can lead to more of these problems as well! When putting the flame directly onto the foot instead of puffing first causes bad flavors due to its overwhelming taste since one hasn’t had time for oils within their mouth yet, which gives way too much power than usual at once, causing bitterness but if inhaled immediately upon applying.

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