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How To Hold a Cigar in a Proper Way: Different Styles and Expert Tips

How To Hold a Cigar in a Proper Way

Most cigar smokers will tell you that holding a cigar is a real art technique that you ought to master to stop looking like a complete rookie in a country club. There are actually a few proper ways of holding a cigar. It doesn’t mean that you should always follow these ways. But, if you consider yourself as a cigar aficionado, knowing the right ways of holding a cigar is an important part of etiquette related to smoking high-quality cigars.

Is there a “man’s” or “woman’s” way to hold a cigar?

There is no special advice or rule on how to hold a cigar that is considered the right thing to do for male or female smokers. Still, you can clearly distinguish between the male and female style of holding a cigar. Men tend to hold a cigar between two fingers and support the cigar with their thumb from below. Women, on the other hand, prefer to hold the cigar more gracefully by holding the cigar with two fingers on top of their thumb at the bottom.

Is there a “man’s” or “woman’s” way to hold a cigar?

Ultimately, cigar smoking should be a nice experience and everyone is free to hold a cigar the way he or she finds it more comfortable. However, there is a certain etiquette to follow if you want to learn how to hold a cigar properly.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

The way you hold a cigar directly depends on your smoking habits. Smoking a cigar is fundamentally different from smoking cigarettes, and not only because the cigar is dragged without letting smoke into the lungs. Smoking cigars is a special ritual that should never be done in a hurry.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

It starts with lighting. Never use matches or gasoline lighter to smoke a cigar because in such a way you will “kill” the taste of the best product. Instead, pick a gas lighter or special matches. How to light a cigar – bring its tip to the lighter’s fire so that the flame does not touch the cigar, but the cover sheet – it must char.

Then you should hold the cigar in your hand, not in your mouth, and slowly rotate it to allow the leaves to begin to burn evenly. You can also gently blow the cigar tip to make the ignition more even. A couple of drags will help you see if your cigar is smoking well.
And then the most interesting thing starts – the smoking process. Smoking cigars involves following simple rules. For example, experienced smokers do not take sharp, fast and deep drags – it is much better to enjoy the flavor thoughtfully.

Why is it important to hold a cigar in a certain way?

It is believed that the better a cigar, the longer the pile of ash holds on it. Ash resulting from holding a cigar should not be knocked down, it is better to let this ash fall on its own.

To quench a cigar on an ashtray, as they do with cigarettes, in any case, it is impossible – is a display of disrespect to the masters who have twisted a cigar. The cigarette should be left in the ashtray – let it cool down a little.

How to hold a cigar/cigarillo and smoke it properly?

1) Start smoking. Bring a cigar to your mouth and draw in the smoke. Hold the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds and then exhale. Do not inhale the cigar smoke! A cigar doesn’t look like a cigarette. When you smoke it, you enjoy the flavor, not the inhaling process.

2) Smoke in and spin it every 30-60 seconds. Keep doing this to keep your cigar in good shape. Remember that smoking a good cigar can last from 2-3 hours.

3) Remove the tape after twelve puffs or so. The ribbon is on the cigar to prevent tobacco from breaking, but you will not need it once you light the cigar. After twelve puffs or so, the wrap will start to come off the heat itself.

4) Enjoy smoking a cigar with an alcoholic beverage. It is not necessary to do it, but alcohol and some drinks can improve smoking and enhance the blunt’s flavor:

  • Beer;
  • Cognac;
  • Bourbon;
  • Scotch;
  • Red wine;
  • Coffee drinks or coffee can enhance the cigar’s flavor;
  • Liqueur;
  • Martini;

5) Put that stick out when you’re done smoking. Just put it aside in the ashtray. Cigars will keep going out on their own in a couple of minutes if you don’t smoke it. Before you put it down, blow it gently on the cigar to clear all the extra smoke. If you light the same blunt after a while, it will have a bitter taste, which is why most fans prefer not to reuse the same stick.

Frequently asked questions about the way of holding a cigar

Can I keep my cigars without the humidor?

If you plan to smoke cigars all the time, you definitely need a humidor. You can use an empty cigar box, glass jar or plastic food container before buying. Inside, you need to put a wet sponge. Do not put the cigars in the fridge, because they will dry out there.

Can I smoke cigars in a few rounds?

If you start smoking or have already smoked a cigar in part, you shouldn’t leave it for later. If you smoke it again, you won’t get any pleasure. But there is a practice of cutting large format cigars. But we want to warn you right away that this way you can damage the cover sheet. So it is better to buy cigars with the right format or give enough time for the smoking process.

Can I smoke cigars in a few rounds?

Also, cigs do not need to be kept in your mouth all the time. It will not go out in a minute, like a cigarette, so between drags you can put the cigar on a special ashtray – the tip will slowly smolder. If you do not let the cigar out of your mouth, its tip will get wet, which will not only look untidy but also significantly worsen the taste of the cigar – bitterness appears and fragments of the soaked cover sheet can get into your mouth.

A cigar can only be dragged repeatedly if it has not cooled down yet. It’s okay if you re-smoke your blunt that went out during a friendly chat or business deals. But leaving an under-smoked cigar for a few hours or even days is a sign of not an only bad taste, but also disrespect for the expensive product. Also, keep in mind that a cigar that has been re-smoked will have an unpleasant taste.

How many cigars do I smoke and do I need to tighten it up?

There is no need to light up cigars. Some people prefer to take long drags (like with cigarettes), but this is not right. Nicotine in a cigar is absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. The length of time you smoke depends on the cigar and the pace of the individual smoker.

Do I need to shake the ashes off?

You don’t have to shake it off, it’s not a cigarette. The ashes in a cigar can last quite a while. When you see a break on the ashes column, you can break the ashes on the bottom of the ashtray.

Will cigars go out quickly when I smoke them once?

Yes, they do! Good cigars are the ones that go out the fastest. If you’ve started smoking, you should pay all your attention to the process. And those aren’t loud words from cigar lovers. A good cigar will please you if you approach smoking responsibly.

How much time can I hold a cigar in my mouth?

Just take a puff and let the stick be in a mouth for a few secs to taste it better. Then slightly blow the smoke out. Take a drag and rotate the blunt every 30-60 seconds.

Boost your smoking experience: 2 posh ways to hold a cigar

The HSS approved only 2 ways of holding a cigar in public:

1. “Respectful Grip”
Show the cigar some respect! Hold the blunt lightly between multiple fingers and the thumb. The grip must be tight enough to hold a cigar but you should be able to roll it back and forth. Do the slow and slightly rolling. If a cigar is long, use all four fingers. Shorts sticks must be held with two fingers. Always use a thumb and other fingers only for the support.

2. “Pool Cue”
Smoke like a boss. Just hold a cigar with a thumb or one finger. This way of holding will suit the cigars with a ring of 50 gauge or more. Bring some swag to your daily smoking experience.

Boost your smoking experience

What is the worst way to hold a cigar?

The weak grip of holding a cigar shows that you are a novice. If you hold a stick without any support of other fingers, the ashes can be dropped. Never hold a blunt in such a way.

In conclusion, a couple of interesting things to remember. If you have trimmed the cigar tip yourself, you should enjoy the aroma of a cold cigar from the cut. This allows you to better prepare for the ritual of smoking. It is better to remove the wrap when the cigar is already smoked and warmed up. Due to the warmth, the glue may soften and the wrap is removed easily, without causing any damage to the cover sheet.