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How To Light A Cigar: Guides for Newbies and Aficionados

How To Light A Cigar

To get the most out of Cuban tobacco, you need to know all about lighting a cigar. Gas torch lighters, candles and cardboard matches for ignition are usually not recommended, as they can spoil the true taste. Cigars are able to absorb different smells that is why the lighting process must be smart.

How To Light A Cigar Guide

How can you light a cigar?

There are many options. Every smoker has a favorite lighter or other tried and tested for lighting a cigar. When used correctly, any of the ways can help set the piece on fire in a proper way:

  • Gas lighter;
  • Multi or single flame torch/jet lighter;
  • Butane-based Zippo lighter;
  • Cedar match straws;
  • Regular matches;

The most proper way for lighting a cigar

Slow and with little heat is the greatest method for lighting a cigar. Even the heat created by a match or a regular gas lighter is enough to light a cigar. However, this process requires some patience. Very often you can see smokers with a cheroot in their mouths who hold a jet lighter very close to the tip and puff.\

How To Light A Cigar Tutorial

The heat generated in this way is definitely too high for a piece. Tobacco burns at a very high temperature and the taste becomes bitter. After that, it takes several minutes to cool down the tobacco piece. This effect is exacerbated if a smoker continues to frequently and stubbornly tighten a cheroot.

How To Light A Cigar Image

The item’s tip should be set on fire evenly over the entire diameter of the item. By blowing slightly on the burning tip, you can check whether it is fully lit or not. Start at the edge, setting fire to the coverslip and binder sheets. In particular, the bonding sheet has good burning properties that help to set fire to the filler and ensure the best way to burn a cigar.

Lighting a cigar with a torch lighter

Modern torch lighters, with their distinctive blue flame, are now the most popular lighting devices among smokers because they are very practical. Their intense flame will not fade away even in wind or rain, but you should keep the cheroot just above the flame, not allowing it to touch. Gas lighters, such as the classic Zippo model, are usually not applied for lighting a cigar, because gas vapors can penetrate the piece and affect its taste.

How To Light A Cigar Instructions

Ideally, the flame should heat the cig without touching it, but it takes a lot of patience and practice. If you have not yet become handy with matches, there is an alternative – the blue flame of a torch lighter. They don’t produce enough heat to make a taste bitter, though you should still avoid tightening a cigar while lighting it.

How to light a cigar with matches?

A cigar can also be set on fire with a cedar matchstick or match. These methods require patience. Cedar matches that resemble wood straws are by far the most stylish way to light a cigar. The burning cedar has a wonderful aroma, which makes the ritual of lighting a cigar even more enjoyable. A matchstick made of cedarwood is made specifically for lighting cigars. Such matches can be purchased separately, and they often come with a box of Cuban cheroots.

A step-by-step guide to lit a cigar with such matches:

  • When burning cedar straws, very fine ashes are created, and it can never be blown out, otherwise, the ashes will scatter throughout the room, like a big cloud. Instead, hold the straw with the flame upright; it will go out in a few seconds;
  • Bring a cigar to the flame, and carefully scrolling it, set fire to the tobacco product from different sides;
  • Hold the piece well with your lips, raise it above the flame and sip the smoke without stopping the rotation;
  • After the tobacco product is lit, you need to slightly blow on it;

How to hold a cigar when lighting it?

Usually, smokers hold the piece with two fingers, supporting the bottom with a thumb. Between puffs, it is necessary to take such a position so that the ash looks up and does not fall down.

When lighting, a cigar must be in your hands, not in your teeth. Keep it above a short flame, at a distance of about a centimeter with an angle of 45o and slowly rotate until the heat (but not the fire) passes to the tip and spreads evenly over the entire area. It’s worth repeating: the fire should not touch a cig, you do not want to get it charred.

How To Light A Cigar Step By Step Guide

In this case, the process takes more time than smoking a whole cig. Nevertheless, this method is preferable. If you sip a cig, you will have to face the hot caustic smoke, a quite harmful one, but it can also spoil the pleasure of your first puffs, especially since the open cap of a fresh cigar can be slightly dried out, and when you light a cigar, you can taste the callousness.

To avoid undesirable consequences, some smokers use another method – when a smoldering corolla forms at the cap and the heat begins to move to the center, they blow the cheroot slightly several times, expelling hot smoke.

Lighting a cigar for the second time

Is it possible to light a cig again after the flame has gone out? Yes. But, of course, there are some exceptions. The tipping point occurs approximately 15 minutes after the cheroot is completely extinguished. So what happens then? Why is it necessary to cease the re-lighting of a cigar? When tobacco is burned, various substances contained in it are activated. After the cig goes out, these contents settle in and penetrate tobacco. If you light a cigar again for the second time, the taste will be changed and become unpleasant.

But if you need a light a cheroot again, remove ash completely from its tip in advance. Otherwise, it will be difficult to burn a cig properly for the second time. After the cigar has cooled down, the ash will go off easily.

Final thoughts

What is the best way of lighting a cigar? You see, a cigar should be burned carefully so that the tobacco does not overheat and does not become bitter. All of the above options can help. The main thing here is patience and the need to avoid tightening the cig too much, otherwise, even a match or torch lighter can cause excessive heating of tobacco.