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How to Roll a Cigarette

A cigarette roller is a tool that you can use to roll your own cigarettes. A good quality cigar roller will be made of metal instead of plastic, which means it’s more durable and will last longer – plus the metal ones look much better!

Cigarette rolling machines are a great accessory to have for those who enjoy smoking. It can be difficult to roll cigarettes by hand, which is why cigarette roller machines exist! But how exactly do you use a cigarette roller? In this blog post, experts will go over the basics of using a cigarette roller and answer some common questions.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rolling machine or device;
  • Wrapped cigarette roller;
  • Cigarette tube with a filter attached;
  • Tobacco;
  • Cigarette paper;

Things You'll Need

How to Use a Cigarette Roller: Steps

1. Decide how and what you’re going to roll

Cut out the desired length of cigarette paper. If you’re using a pre-made rolling machine like Raw [1], follow their instructions carefully!

Use scissors if necessary so that you have the excessive paper on either side before smoking it. This will prevent any spilling over during smoking which usually happens when there is not much left after cutting off excess papers from each other after finishing to pack them in the perfect form inside the cigarette roller.

2. Lift and fill the cigarette rolling machine

If you’re using a rolling machine, lift the handle. Add one pinch of tobacco at the bottom and place it against the flat surface on top of rollers to start packing your cigarette by repeating tightly pressing down with your index finger until all is packed well inside. Otherwise, you can also use a manual rolling machine or device that’s been designed for this purpose.

Lift and fill the rolling machine

3. Close and roll together

Close the machine by pulling back together both sides of excess papers from each side that was opened earlier.

Press it down firmly around then roll with your fingertips to complete a perfect rolling job using a cigarette roller!

4. Add paper

Place tip paper against one surface and close its handle part so you can seal them tightly together for final addition before attaching the filter tube at the top end or bottom depending on which way you prefer. Generally, most people put it facing upwards towards their mouth when smoking inside an ashtray afterward putting other things away in pockets like lighters, etc.

Add paper

For larger rolls, make sure excess length of paper has been cut off before placing them down flat against the surface area that comes into contact with a roller so there will not be too much tobacco packing in your cigarette when smoking inside an ashtray afterward putting other things away in pockets like lighters, etc.

5. Remove your ready-to-go roll-up

Remove your finished roll-up by pulling out paper from one end. Remember to put the filter side facing upward towards your mouth when smoking inside an ashtray afterward putting other things away in pockets like lighters, etc. for better quality and freshness of finished roll-ups!

What are the best cigarette papers for rolling a cigarette:

1) Cut-corner cigarette papers

Cut-edge or cut-corner cigarettes were originally designed for blind individuals to tell which end of the paper was unglued while rolling their own smokes in the 1800s. Cut corners are also popular among beginning rollers because they facilitate “tucking” the paper more easily [2]:

Which are the best cigarette papers for rolling a cigarette

  • Material –100% pure rice paper for rolling perfect roll-ups!
  • They come in different sizes depending on how fine you want your finished product to be. For example, there are 100mm and King Size papers which can also come as small or medium-sized ones too according to what’s available;

2) Flavored cigarette papers:

  • Flavors – tastes like vanilla, strawberry, and cherry;
  • Material –100% pure rice paper for rolling perfect roll-ups;
  • They have the same size as the previous type to fit most rolling machines but the shape can be different;

You can also check out our list of the top 10 best cigarette rolling papers.

Which filters are the best for your cigarette roller?

1) Flavored cigarette filters

There are many different types of cigarette filters, which you can use to roll your own cigarettes or tobacco. The purpose is usually either to make it easier to smoke, reduce the negative effects on health caused by smoking, or both. The most common filters are cigarette paper, cotton, and flax. The flavors can be anything from vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate to licorice.

2) Charcoal cigarette filters

If you’re looking for a cigarette that is as close to smoking tobacco as possible, then charcoal filters are the best choice. They not only filter out tar and chemicals from the smoke but also remove most of the smell – which makes them perfect if you don’t want people around you to know what brand or kind of cigarettes you use.

Which filters are the best for rolling cigarettes?

They do have their downside though: they aren’t very easy on your throat and can cause coughing fits if smoked too often or too quickly. Another drawback is that since there isn’t much room inside it’s hard to roll big joints with these types of filters without making them burn unevenly – unless one uses an aluminum foil tip between paper and roller.

Should I use a cigarette roller?

Using a rolling machine is quick, easy, and gives you perfectly shaped cigarettes every time. However, it does take some of the fun out of smoking if that’s what you’re looking for.

If your hand isn’t very steady or strong one can also buy an electric cigarette roller with which you just have to put in the paper tube, tobacco, and filter – all without touching anything yourself! These are great when you want fast results but they do cost quite a bit more than manual ones so ask yourself whether it’s really worth it before buying one.

Rolling machines come in both automatic and semi-automatic models depending on how much effort they will require from you. Automatic machines work by pushing down automatically while others need someone behind them turning the wheel or pushing down on the roller.


1. How do you use a cigarette roller?

Using a single cigarette roller is very easy and requires no prior practice. You simply add filler blend (a mixture of tobacco leaves) to the paper tube, light it up and smoke:

  • Stick the filter on one end of the paper, then roll it forward until it reaches about three-quarters down from there while making sure that there are no gaps or openings left between where you stick on the filter and when you finally reach the other side. If such an opening remains even after you’ve tried to roll it up multiple times, you can always stick on more filler blend;
  • Fill the paper with tobacco by either tearing it off in small pieces or opening a bag of loose leaves and poking your finger inside there (it’s also good for getting rid of any leftover dust). Don’t fill the tube too much though because if you do then when smoking it will be hard without inhaling an entire mouthful – which isn’t recommended because that could make one sick due to coughing fits;
  • Light up at the opposite end of where you are stuck on the filter – this will ensure that it takes light evenly and doesn’t burn unevenly or too quickly! If your hand isn’t very steady then one can also use an additional aluminum foil tip especially designed for lighting cigarettes off which is placed between paper tube and roller before sticking on the filter (and after adding tobacco). One would then need to poke holes into it with a toothpick or similar tool so that air could get through without letting the smoke out;

2. Using a cigarette roller for beginners?

Rolling a cigarette for beginners is easier than one would think and doesn’t take long so why not give it a try:

  • Start by folding the paper in half lengthwise, then open up again. Make sure to position your thumbs inside that fold as you’ll need their help later on! The filters should be sticking out of this end leaving about an inch or two empty spaces behind them. Then stick the tobacco leaves onto the longer side without making too big gaps between each piece (if there are any excess pieces leftover from filling up one can always use those instead of poking fingers into bags);
  • Fold both sides inward at roughly equal distances towards where they meet while doing so – this will ensure that the final product looks nice and even;
  • Now that you’ve folded up both ends, secure them by sticking one side into the other at about an inch or two from where they meet while also making sure to stick it down enough so that the tobacco doesn’t come out during rolling (will be hard without using fingers). Make sure not to leave any openings anywhere along this seam – which will make smoking your cigarette much easier! If there are gaps after several attempts then simply roll more filler blend in until you can close those spaces up;
  • Roll everything forward towards where you stuck on the filter beforehand with either hand, a roller machine, or possibly something else depending on how advanced of a method is used for rolling. Most people prefer to use their fingers but rolling machines are often preferred because they’re quicker and require less effort;
  • If you rolled up the paper with your fingers, make sure that there isn’t any excess glue sticking out of it anywhere. That’s why most people choose to roll using a roller machine instead – which is also called a cigarette injector by some (it differs from regular hand-rollers in the way that it doesn’t leave gaps between where it seals off one end or another). These come at various prices depending on how high quality they are and whether or not they allow for multiple sizes like king size cigarettes do – but even cheap ones can get the job done just fine;

3. How do you make a filter for a cigarette?

A filter is the part of a cigarette that reduces tar and nicotine intake. There are many different ways to make filters for your cigarettes, but the most popular way is with cigarette rolling papers. The following steps will show you how to make a filter for your cigarettes using cigarette rolling paper:

  1. Cut a piece of rolling paper in half and form it into a “V” shape. Make your cut as straight as possible for the best results. You can use scissors or just rip off pieces until you get to the desired size. Try using different sizes for different filters, such as short fat ones and long skinny ones;
  2. Fold-down one corner on each side so there is about an inch sticking out over both sides (at this point they should look like little triangles);
  3. Fold both sides in towards each other, creating a triangular shape. The last step is to simply slide the paper into your cigarette;

4. Is it really cheaper to roll your own cigarettes?

On a cost-per-cigarette basis, rolling your own cigarettes is approximately 30% cheaper than factory-made cigarettes. Due to the high cost of smoking, some individuals have switched to rollies as a less expensive alternative. To promote the use of loose tobacco, tobacco firms have developed smaller bag sizes [3].

5. What can you use instead of a filter for a cigarette?

A cigarette filter is a small, often porous paper cylinder placed on the mouth end of hand-rolled cigarettes to make inhaling easier and reduce tar intake. They are also used in conjunction with other substances such as water or herbal smoke. Filters can be made from all sorts of materials, including cellophane, cardboard, and hemp fiber!

if you don’t have a filter tip to roll a cigarette, try wrapping your herbs in a pack of cigarettes or the paper that your rolling paper package is composed of. If you’re really desperate, any cardboard will do. An empty toilet paper roll or a pack of Wheat Thins, for example, would suffice [4].

6. What’s worse – rollies or cigarettes?

Roll-ups are just as harmful to your health as normal cigarettes, and they may also lead to the same diseases. Compared to smokers of commercial cigarettes, users of roll-ups have a higher risk of mouth, esophagus, pharynx, and laryngeal cancer [5].

7. How many cigarettes can you roll from a 50g pouch?

The most common weight for a standard cigarette is about 0.505 grams, and you can roll 100 cigarettes per 50-gram pouch of tobacco [6]. This amount will vary depending on the size of your finished product so expect anywhere from 70-80 if using King Size papers or 90-100 with Regular Papers.

8. How do you make a homemade cigarette?

The easiest way to roll your own cigarettes is with a cigarette roller. This allows you to place your tobacco in the device and it will do all of the work for you. The only thing that needs to be done is insert a filter on one end, which can be either self-rolled or bought from a store.

9. What is the safest thing to smoke?

According to the research published in Toxicological Research, even herbal cigarettes contain considerable amounts of carbon monoxide and ultra-fine particulate matter that can be dangerous to a human being [7].

There is no such thing as a safe smoking choice — tobacco is always harmful. Light, low-tar, and filtered cigarettes aren’t any safer than regular ones; people smoke them more deeply or in larger quantities. The only way to lower your risk of disease is to quit smoking.

Useful Video: how to use cigarette rolling machine/tips


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