5 Best Cigar Hygrometers
5 Best Cigar Hygrometers
5 (100%) 16 vote[s]
Cigar Oasis
Cigar Oasis Caliber
Accuracy to +/- 1%
Secure magnetic mount
Battery included
HygroSet II
HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors
Humidity accuracy +/- 2%
Temperature accuracy +/-1
Digital display
Cigar Oasis
Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R
Accuracy to +/- 1%
Secure magnetic mount
Battery included
Medium Round Analog Hygrometer Humidity
Glass Face
Size: 1-9/16" Back
CyJay Round Analog Hygrometer
Accuracy to +/- 1%
Resists corrosion
Durable, stable,

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56.67% of users selected Cigar Oasis Battery included, 10% selected HygroSet II, 26.67% selected Cigar Oasis, 3.33% selected CigarExtras and 3.33% selected CyJay. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you are a true fan of cigars and enjoy the elegant and leisure process of smoking, then of course you have heard that cigars require special storage. Though many travelers do not take this into account. After enjoying the delicate aroma of cigars abroad, they purchase a few boxes and soon notice that the feeling and aftertaste after smoking has completely changed.

The storage temperature of cigars should be in the range from + 60 ° F to + 70 ° F. The maximum allowable upper limit should not exceed + 75 ° F. In a warmer place of reduction tobacco leaves will quickly become unusable. Moreover, cigars should be stored at a certain humidity level – 65 – 72%. When this parameter is reduced to 55% and below, the tobacco leaf will dry out. And in high humidity, cigars will get too moistened and will soon be covered with a mold. So it is not an easy task to create ideal conditions for cigars to remain fresh for a long time. Luckily, there is a solution, and it is a humidor with a hygrometer.

Humidor is a cigar storage container. There is a fairly wide range of humidors on the market. The price of such a product depends on the type of material from which it is made, processing, and quality. To control humidity inside a humidor, you will need a hygrometer. This device gives an accurate reading of the relative humidity level, so it makes it possible to set up your humidifier to required parameters. There are three types of hygrometers:

  • Mechanical. Some call this type a ceramic hygrometer because moisture is measured using electrical resistance, which is achieved in porous ceramics. Such a device does not tolerate large temperature differences.
  • Hair tension hygrometers. These mechanisms use human hair, nylon, or cellulose which contract depending on humidity. The price of a hair-based humidor hygrometer is the lowest because of the lowest accuracy.
  • Digital. Electronic moisture controllers are the most advanced. They also use analog sensors, but all readings are displayed on a screen. Besides, this device also shows temperature details.

How to choose the right hygrometer for your humidor?  Keep reading this review to learn more about hygrometer features and modes.

Cigar Oasis Digital Hygrometer – a versatile moisture controller

Cigar Oasis CaliberThis plastic hygrometer is designed in a slim shape and comes with a mounted magnet detail for convenient fixing.

The device is pre calibrated for 20% -90% HR and can be used not only for humidors but for other purposes as well – green houses, cases for wooden instruments and herbal storage. The hygrometer will show recordings on the display. Besides, if it finds humidity beyond the preset limits, you will see HH code on the display.


  • Comes pre-calibrated and has a calibration feature
  • A wide scope of use
  • High humidity accuracy
  • Displays average temperature/humidity for 3 days
  • Battery is included


  • Some customers report they experience difficulties to recalibrate the device.

This device will easily maintain the desired humidity level inside your humidor. But thanks to a wide calibration range, you can also use it indoors for measuring humidity. It is easily adjustable to Fahrenheit and Celcius degrees. Note that it is desirable to recheck calibration after the purchase to avoid false readings. The best approach is to use a ready calibration kit to evaluate the device accuracy.

Hygroset II Round Hygrometer – the most compact device for humidity control

HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for HumidorsThis device is designed in a convenient round shape. The 1.75-inch diameter makes the hygrometer compatible with most models of humidors. You will easily attach it to the humidor wall with a magnet and two-sided tape.

You need only to press a knob once to change a humidity level by one degree. The device guarantees not more than 2% discrepancy from preset parameters.


  • Wide temperature/humidity range and accuracy
  • Compact shape and simple mounting
  • Calibration instructions are enclosed
  • Digital display for temperature/humidity readings


  • Not suitable for exterior mounting

No matter what size and type of a humidor you own, this hygrometer will surely fit it thanks to a small size and round shape. Moreover, you can easily regulate humidity level following the enclosed manual. As the offered range is 20% – 90%, the model can be used also for herbs storage or wooden details. The device comes with a long-lasting battery and does not require any special maintenance.

Oasis 4R Silver Hygrometer – a great combination of analog and digital features

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4RThis manufacturer is known for its high-quality hygrometers for cigar storing. In this model, both analog and digital features have been favorably combined.

This hygrometer will work well on any surface. It has only 2-inch diameter so will fit even the smallest humidors. The device comes with a sticky pad so you will not find difficulties with the attachment of the device.


  • Comes with a calibration feature
  • Advanced accuracy of humidity +/-1%
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius readings
  • Easy mounting with a magnet
  • A battery is enclosed


  • Difficult to read the display at an angle

The customers admit a very attractive design of the hygrometer display – it comes with a green, yellow and red section, allowing you to better interpret the readings. The hygrometer comes pre-calibrated but you can conduct a test with a Boveda pack to be on the safe side. The device can read wide humidity rage – from 20% to 90%. So you are free to use it in many other places beyond humidors.

Medium Round Analog Hygrometer – a nicely-looking device for basic humidity control

Medium Round Analog Hygrometer HumidityThis is a basic analog device that can be used in humidors to prevent cigars from drying out or molding. The design is pretty simple and colored what makes it very easy to check the readings.

Some humidors come with a pre made hole and it is the ideal place for this hygrometer. Otherwise, you can quickly attach it with Velcro that is provided with the product.


  • Easy to read display
  • Attractive design
  • Real glass lens
  • Easy mounting with Velcro


  • Cannot be calibrated

Overall, the device copes well with humidity control. However, some users complained it did not pass the humidity test for accuracy. Besides, it cannot be calibrated on your own. So if 1-2% of RH makes a difference for you, it is better to opt for digital models with calibration features. The design of the hygrometer is really attractive and will decorate your cigar storage container.

2-Inch Diameter Analog Hygrometer – a great device with mechanical movement

CyJay Round Analog HygrometerThis model is in great demand among cigar lovers. The device does not require batteries as its work is based on mechanical movement. Still, the manufacturer states that the humidity accuracy is very high – up to +/-1 degree.

The hygrometer comes with a rubber ring that helps to set it into a special hole in the humidor, just check the dimensions carefully.


  • Can be calibrated
  • Easy to read display
  • Compact size
  • Mechanical movement
  • Made of high quality steel


  • Unclear mounting instructions

The hygrometer is suitable not only for cigar protection but also for other products that need to be stored at a certain humidity level. You can calibrate the device yourself. Some users complain the item comes without calibration instructions, but these can be easily found on the Internet. This model does not provide temperature readings but it really keeps the humidity level within the required limits. Despite its basic design, the device copes with its task.

Buyer’s Guide

Everything looks easy and understandable at first glance. But once you visit online stores, you will be puzzled by a variety of hygrometer types, designs and features. How to make the right purchase? Keep reading to learn a bit more about this device, its main characteristics, and maintenance tips.

Analog or digital hygrometer?

Users usually choose between these two types of hygrometers. And it is actually a matter of taste and habit that determine the choice. Mechanical models have a more attractive appearance – very world-known humidor manufacturers specifically use analog hygrometers in their most expensive humidor models. These mechanisms symbolize style and traditions. But it is difficult to conquer with the capabilities of the latest technologies. Digital hygrometers are able to show humidity with extreme accuracy. Besides, they can also show the temperature inside the humidor. If you cannot make your choice, consider a compromise solution with the simultaneous installation of both types of hygrometers in one device.

Hygrometer accuracy

Analog hygrometers need to be calibrated to show accurate readings. And they can slightly mislead you if you fail to correctly calibrate them. Digital hygrometers are easier to read and also do not require calibration. Besides, these devices provide the highest accuracy with a possible discrepancy of 1%. But you should know that digital hygrometers need some time to adjust to changes in humidity and do not immediately reflect changes. Digital hygrometers are not necessarily more accurate than analog hygrometers. The best approach is to read customers’ reviews once you choose a certain model.

Calibration of hygrometers

First, you need to check if the hygrometer has a calibration function, as many analog and digital hygrometers do not have this feature. Analog hygrometers that can be calibrated with usual household tools. For digital hygrometers, manufacturers usually provide instructions. Note analog hygrometers are very sensitive to all types of vibration and must be calibrated regularly.

Consider these two calibration methods:

  • Saline solution. You will need to prepare a solution using one part of salt and two parts of water. Then place the hygrometer in saline solution in a tightly closed plastic box and leave it for a while. After 8 hours, the humidity inside the box should reach 75%. Now set the hygrometer hand to the mark indicating a humidity level of 75%.
  • Wet cloth.This method will not bring a super result, but it is faster and easier than the previous one. The reference value here is 100% RH. You need to take a damp cloth and wrap it around the hygrometer. Leave the hygrometer wrapped in a cloth for an hour and then set the humidity level to 100%.

How to Calibrate a Hygrometer

A lot of digitals will say that they’re pre-calibrated in the factory but recommended that you do a quick calibration just to make sure. There are two main ways that we calibrate hygrometers, and the first way is by far the easiest. It’s using a one-step calibration kit. Boveda makes them, and they’re zipper bags with a small humidor pack inside. You just put the hygrometer inside the bag and seal it up, and you want to wait eight to 12 hours. At the end of this time, the hygrometer should be reading 75%, and if it’s not, you just adjust it.

Salt Test

Now, if you don’t have a calibrating kit, it’s not a problem. You can use what called a salt test. For this method, you’ll need a small bottle cap, regular table salt, a re-closable bag, and regular water. All you need to do is fill the small bottle cap with about a tablespoon of salt, and you’re going to get the salt wet. You don’t want salt water, and you want damp salt. You have just pasty salt, and you place this inside your re-closable bag, and then you’re going to add your hygrometer. You want to make sure that the sensors are clear and able to read the humidity levels. For on a digital, you have the sensors here, so you want those facing up. For an analog, they can read in the back underneath the magnet or from the sides underneath the grommet. Those small holes allow it to read humidity. You want to make sure those are clear when you put it in the calibrating bag.

So again, you put it in, seal it up and wait 8 to 12 hours. At the end of that time, it should be reading 75%. If it’s not, then you need to adjust it. For digital, you can adjust it using this adjustment knob. A lot of people will turn it and notice that there’s no change. You need to turn it; however, many clicks to the right or left it needs to go up or down, and then press the reset button. Once you press the reset button, it’ll register the change. For an analog hygrometer, you can adjust it using the adjustment screw in the back, and you’ll need either a small screwdriver or a small pocket knife. You just put it in, and you’ll notice if you hold it lightly and you spin it around, the whole dial spins. So you want to put some pressure on the outside of the hygrometer, and it will hold steady enough for you to adjust.

After adjusted them, recommended to put them back in the calibrating bag for another couple of hours to make sure that the reading is now taking correct readings. After that, you’re all done, and you’re ready to put it in your humidor.

Interesting Video: Western Digital Hygrometer Review


As you see the choice of humidor hygrometers is wide. You can buy this device in almost all online stores specializing in tobacco products. Each hygrometer comes with its own strong and weak aspects. So you just need to decide what features are important for you. It is also vital to remember about calibration. If you have purchased a hygrometer that requires calibration, then you should study all the instructions on how to properly do it. Also, do not forget that different cigars may require different percentages of moisture, and this fact should also be taken into account when buying a humidor hygrometer.

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  1. I’ve tried the Govee and the Boveda Butler. I’ve had difficulty with the Govee. It doesn’t seem to stay calibrated. My first one was so far off that it went beyond the limits of calibration. I believe it has a +/- 9 setting and that wasn’t even enough. The Butler is more affordable and more accurate. I have them in three humidors now. I like that the app lists all the sensors on the same screen. The Butler also has automatic calibration. You put it in the included calibration kit and click one-step calibration in the app and it tells you when it’s done and adjusts accordingly. All of these sensors are Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi. Govee does have a pricier version that is Wi-Fi.

  2. Thank you for this!! I haven’t seen anyone else do this and I’m not sure why. You just reaffirmed my choice. I was going to by a second one but was wondering about the Push. My Butler has worked flawlessly. I love that it alerts me if my humidity/temp is too high or low. I would definitely calibrate it though. It only takes 24hrs. Thanks again for this !

  3. I previously owned a Cylay and I thought that was pretty good. Then someone mentioned Cigar Oasis which was a step up. Overall, I would say Oasis makes higher quality products, with better accuracy. I’m now a fan of this brand.

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