5 Best Electronic Cigar Humidifiers
5 Best Electronic Cigar Humidifiers
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HumidiCup Electronic Cigar Humidifier
800 cigar
Precise Humidity Measurement
Audio and Display alarms
Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0
Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0
For 50-100 cigar
Takes up minimal space
WI-FI Capable
Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0
Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier for 1-4 Cubic ft.
75-300 cigar count
LCD displays
USB AC power adapter
Cigar Oasis EXCEL
Cigar Oasis EXCEL Electronic Cigar Humidifier
For up to 300 cigar
Low water indicator & alarm
WI-FI Capable
Cigar Oasis Plus
Cigar Oasis Plus Electronic Cigar Humidifier
For up to 1000 cigar
Pretreated water cartridge
WiFi capability

Buyer’s Guide

Electronic humidifiers are active humidifiers, in that they only release humidity when it’s needed. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as brands. For example, Hydra and Cigar Oasis comes with a refill cartridge that holds regular distilled water. They also have a built-in digital hygrometer. Once the humidity level in your humidor drops below their set point, they turn on their electric fan that will circulate humid air.

They need to be refilled with distilled water about every month. The refill cartridges need to be replaced about every year. They’re very user-friendly. The Hydra has an optional warning buzzer, that will sound when you need to refill. However, they do use ribbon cables to plug in, so a lot of people will complain that they clutter up their humidor with those ribbon cables. However, they’re very self-sufficient and easy to use.

Where is a good place to put electronic cigar humidifiers

For those who have a tower-style or the Lucky 7 style humidor, is it better to put humidifier jars in the bottom or the top? Many people say humidity rises. Others think of a musty basement where humidity cools and settles to the bottom. So which is better? The top and let the moisture float down or the bottom where the moisture will rise? Okay, well this is a great question because you may have noticed that when you buy a desktop humidor, sometimes there’s a space blocked out under the lid for the humidifier. Now a lot of cigar smokers have this type of box and placing the humidifier square under the lid.

Many of the larger models, 100 counts higher, come with a top tray. The thing is, it puts the cigars in the top tray very close to the humidifier and that those cigars tended to be spongier, while the cigars below were a little dryer. So you can just remove the top tray. But you can use a smaller humidifier on the top for cigars, while you have a larger one below for the bulk of your stash.

There’s also one other solution. You can attach the humidifier to the bottom of the tray. In this way, both levels benefit, and you save yourself from buying a second device. Another option is to add a fan like the XIKAR HumiFan, which does a great job circulating the air. Or a Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 humidifier, which has a built-in fan for an all-in-one solution. The idea here really is to keep the humidifier away from your cigars, so you get the evenest distribution of moisture throughout the box. With desk type top humidors, in most cases, you have too many choices.

If you have a 100 cigar capacity or more, tower type humidor, like a Lucky 7 that has drawers in it, you need another solution. That since warm air rises, it might make sense to place a 100 count humidifier on the bottom drawer. Let nature take its course. But in taller humidors, you need more air circulation. There’s no guarantee the moisture will effectively humidify the cigars at the top, especially once they begin filling up, you see because you need that air to flow through the cigars, you’re going to clog it up, see.

So there are a couple of ways you can go. You could place a 50 count crystal-based humidifier at the very top drawer and then another 50 counts on the bottom. This is also a smart way to go because when you have moisture coming from both directions, it creates a more balanced atmosphere. If you want to add a fan like the HumiFan, place it on the bottom facing up, and it will force the cooler air at the bottom upwards, where it’ll mingle with the warmer air above.

Now finally, let’s talk about some of the choices you have for humidification. Crystal based humidifiers are excellent because they last a really long time. Or the Boveda packs because they’re more flexible, especially in the smaller desktop situations. Plus Boveda packs won’t affect your cigars if they touch them. The gel humie type jar, these are good for placing on the bottom, but they work better with a fan.

Video Tutorial: Cigar Oasis Humidifier

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