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Powermatic 1 Cigarette Injector Review

Powermatic 1 Cigarette InjectorThe spectacular Powermatic 1 is the finest, most ergonomic, and advanced manual cigarette crank injector ever produced. This machine works in an entirely new way compared to traditional manual injectors. It is physically more stable, durable and allows its user to make cigarettes faster and easier than ever before. After numerous months of testing by RYO magazine (an independent 3rd party authority of cigarette injectors), the Powermatic I was deemed the best manual injector ever manufactured. The cut and moisture content of cigarette rolling tobacco and sticks and stems found in cheap tobacco are all handled and processed quickly with this machine due to its exceptionally durable and ultra-sharp titanium cutter.

Powermatic 1 Cigarette Injector

  • Comes with cleaning kit
  • Titanium Plated Compessor
  • High Precision Stainless Steel Parts
  • 0 tobacco coupon inside

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