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Boveda 62% Humidity Packs Review

Can’t keep a consistent humidity level for your cigars? Find out everything you need to know about Boveda 62% humidity packs!

Cigars, dry herbs, wood, and other humid-sensitive things may all benefit from Boveda 1-gram 62 percent RH packets. These kits are very efficient and precise in controlling humidity without the need for huge, costly humidors or equipment.

Boveda 62% Humidity PacksThe Original Terpene Shield, Boveda precise humidity control packs restore and maintain humidity for your herbal medicine by creating a protective monolayer of water molecules over trichomes, so you can Save the Terps. Terpenes, the precious smell you love, are kept safe until ready for use.

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Simply place a Boveda pack in your container with your herbal medicine and close the lid. It’s that easy. Boveda’s patented formula uses all natural salts and water in its pack to ensure the exact Relative Humidity (RH) needed to maintain freshness.

In fact, field experiments have shown that even the tiniest Boveda 1-gram packets are 99 percent accurate in maintaining humidity levels coordinated with the packet’s designated degree. This implies that applying a 62 percent Boveda 1-gram pack and storing it properly will maintain the humidity levels around 61-63 percent (accurate to 1 percent) for a few months.

Employ Boveda Humidity Packs to take care of the balancing act by maintaining an appropriate relative humidity of 62 percent, preserving the flavors and effectiveness of herbs and cigars.

How do Boveda 1-gram packs work? 

Each Boveda is made up of a saturated solution of clean water and natural salt that has been specifically produced. A fluid-filled “reverse osmosis” membrane holds this saturated solution. Boveda maintains a specified level of relative humidity (RH) inside a closed desktop humidor by discharging or absorbing purified water via the membrane as required.

Boveda offers the cleanest and purest humidity of any other product now on the market.

Such 1-gram packs are rarely applied for long-term cigar storage. Instead, it can often be promoted as a temporary shipping or travel option.

In most cases, a 1-gram pack is enough to moisten roughly 2-3 cigars. As a result, such tiny packets are ideal for cigar boxes or travel humidors.

Where to use Boveda packs? 

It is very simple to apply. To keep your herbs fresh, just put Boveda Humidity Packs to any TightVacs, cans, jars, or other airtight storage containers. There’s no need to activate it. Boveda won’t harm your tobacco or herbs whether you leave it on the bottom, you may put it on top, or squeeze it in between.


  • 62% RH level;
  • Designed for 14-28 g of dry herbs, 2 cigars, etc.;
  • For small containers and travel humidors;
  • Preserves 15% more terpenes;
  • Can last for a few months in a sealed container;

How to use it?

Place the pack in a humidor or humidity-regulated container after removing it from its cello wrapper or resealable bag. It’s time to change your Boveda when it’s dry and crisp. The longer you use Boveda, the longer they will last. The more air your Boveda is exposed to, the harder it needs to work.

It’s very easy to use: 

  • Remove a Boveda pack from overwrap:
  • Place the package in a cedar humidor or meal container;
  • Lay the package directly on cigars/herbs/foods;
  • Close the lid of the container tightly;
  • Replace the package after 90 days (maximum);

Boveda 62% Humidity Packs Pros and Cons

  • Good for preserving dry herbs, tobacco and cigars;
  • Can be reused (not recommended by the manufacturer);
  • Provide the required level of moisture;
  • Preserves freshness and aroma;
  • The shelf-life is 2 years;
  • Boveda creates a monolayer of purified water molecules
  • Resealable high-barrier plastic bag is factory sealed
  • Too small packages (only 1.8 oz);
  • Pricey;
  • Dry up fast;

Cost-effective Boveda Humidity Packs are used by leading cigar businesses to preserve the products fresh in storage and throughout transportation. These same advantages are now accessible to the average individual in a 1-gram size that is ideal for the storage of a small stash or a few cigars.

The Buyer’s Guide


The longer you use it, the longer it’ll last. Boveda packages will never over-humidify beyond the RH level specified on the pack, thus using more than the suggested size will only extend the life of the product. These 1-gram Boveda packets, which come in four sizes, are suited for tiny to medium-sized containers that store between 05 and 15 grams of dried herbs. If you combine Boveda humidity levels in the same container, the efficiency of every pack will suffer dramatically. Boveda should not be used with third-party humidification products in the same container.

The relative humidity (RH) level

Boveda is available in the following sizes: 62, 65, 69, 72, 75, and 84 (exclusively for seasoning). In an airtight environment, all Boveda packs are precise to within 1% of the RH listed on the pack. Humidors aren’t completely airtight. It’s very unusual for the real RH to remain steady anywhere from 2-6 points below the Boveda RH you’ve set, depending on humidor quality and ambient circumstances. This is why, after seasoning, 72 percent packets are advised for your initial set. You’re great if it’s 72 on the nose. You’re still great if it dips a few points. You may choose between 62, 65, 69, or 75 degrees depending on how well your humidor works.

Choose between 58 percent and 62 percent relative humidity, based on how you enjoy your experience and where you are. For personal-use items, some people prefer an RH of 58 percent, while others prefer an RH of 62 percent for bigger herb storage.

Users may choose the RH level that is suitable for the products they are preserving. Users may also choose a Boveda Pack size that corresponds to the size of the container, jar, or case. The larger the container, the greater the package size needed.

The package types

After you’ve decided on the Boveda product that’s suitable for you, you’ll need to figure out how much you’ll need. Keep in mind, however, that when kept in a sealed package, Boveda packets will last for 2 years.

There are 3 major types of Boveda package wrapping:

  • Individually wrapped packs. Boveda packets are available in single or 12-pack quantities and are still sealed from the manufacturers;
  • Unwrapped in zipper (ziplock) plastic bags. These packets come in a high-barrier zipped bag with 4 packets factory sealed together;
  • Unwrapped packs in resealable plastic. These packs include 20 items and are factory wrapped in a thick, resealable plastic;

Individual packets are wrapped in transparent plastic to extend their shelf life to two years. 12 individually packaged Boveda bags make a cube. A brick is unique in that it contains 20 unwrapped Boveda. They have a two-year shelf life within the master bag if you shut it after extracting the next round of Boveda for a humidor. When you buy the bag, you get the greatest Boveda prices.

The shelf life

Since tobacco is hydroscopic, it has the ability to quickly absorb and remove moisture from its surroundings. This is also why maintaining the natural oils and carbohydrates found in tobaccos is difficult without sufficient humidification. The Boveda packets may last from a few months in a standard humidor to nearly forever in humidor jars/cases with an airtight cover, depending on the climate and the kind of humidor you’re using.

Your environment has an impact on how long a Boveda package lasts. If you inhabit the desert, the packs will have to release more moisture than Boveda bags kept in a humidor in a high-humidity environment.

Last but not least, the size of the packets matters. For example, tiny 1-gram packs that come with a box of quality cigars will last around a month, but store-bought packs are significantly thicker and will last considerably longer.


How large is this package compared to a normal 60-gram Boveda pack? 

It is about the size of a standard sugar package. 

Can it preserve fresh flowers?

If you keep this package with a flower inside a 1-gallon glass jar, then it is possible. 

Can you use these Boveda packs with other humidification devices? 

Boveda is a standalone 2-way moisture control system. Boveda absorbs the extremely high humidity emitted by these packs when you insert a wet sponge, crystal, gel, or beads, resulting in varied effects. For optimal and consistent results, apply at least one 60-gram per 25-cigar capacity.

Can Boveda packs directly touch cigars? 

Yes, Boveda is completely safe to use with or around tobacco.

How to know when to replace Boveda packages? 

When a Boveda pack dies, it transforms into a solid wafer. When there aren’t many soft areas remaining, you’ll need to remove them. It’s very usual for the corners to start crystallizing and hardening from the very beginning – no need to replace them in this case.

How to calibrate a hygrometer with Boveda packages? 

Calibration of a hygrometer is critical, whether you were conscious of it previously or not. In reality, most hygrometers are approximately 10% incorrect, which might create problems with your storage if it’s your reference point.

You may have heard of the salt technique for calibrating a humidor, which involves putting salt and water in a container with a bottle top. However, since the containers are seldom airtight, the amounts of salt may fluctuate, and they may include additives, they are often wrong.

Instead, Boveda has created particular kits for the calibration of your hygrometers. These are basically little but very realistic Boveda packs enclosed in double-laminated airtight ziplock bags.

There are two RH variants available: 75 percent RH and 32 percent RH. You may employ the 75% by itself, which will give you a 2.5 percent accuracy. Meanwhile, you may utilize the two-point calibration process up to 32 percent and improve the accuracy to 1.5 percent.

The hygrometer just rests in the bag in both situations, and you may modify its measurement after 24 hours.

Although a normal Boveda pack may be used to calibrate a hygrometer, it is not the most accurate method. However, if you have a little container that you’re convinced is completely airtight, you can do this in a pinch. The specific procedure described above, however, produces the greatest results.

Tips for users of Boveda 62% humidity packs: 

  • The tighter the seal of your container (e.g. humidor), the more effectively the Boveda packs will work;
  • Never mix different Boveda RH levels in the same container. They will become ineffective;
  • Replace small Boveda packs at least once every 2 months. Or replace them when they become stiff and hard;
  • Boveda packs work best in glass jars and wood humidor;

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Final thoughts 

Boveda humidity 1-gram packets are by far the most convenient method to keep your tobacco or herbs fresh and potent while in storage. The 62 percent Boveda containers give the cleanest and purest humidity possible for herbs, ensuring that the colors, tastes, fragrances, and potency of your product are preserved. World-famous cigar companies use these simple yet effective packages to preserve their cigars from drying out.

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