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GERUI Cigarette Machine Review

Are you tired of rolling your own cigarettes on the ground with your hands? Don’t worry, this GERUI Electric Cigarette Rolling Automatic Roller Maker Mini Machine is here to change that!

GERUI Cigarette MachineThis automatic roller has an easy operation and can roll very quickly. It also has the longevity of over 5 years of use, which saves plenty of time for its user. A great benefit this machine provides is that it fits all standard-sized tubes – no more fussing about whether or not the rolls fit right!

If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to smoke cigarettes, then look no further than the GERUI Cigarette Machine! This device will give you the ability to make your own customized cigarette with whatever tobacco flavor you want.

It is an affordable alternative to buying packs of cigarettes from the store. Cigar-rolling experts have done extensive research on this product, and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. You can read all about it in our review below!


  • Dimensions are 7.87 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches;
  • Weighs only 12.6 ounces;
  • Nice blue and black colors;
  • Made with ABS plastic and stainless steel;
  • Automatic operation;
  • Voltage – 110~240V optional; 
  • Comes with adapter, plugs, brush, and stir bar;

Main Features and Overview

This Gerui product is the premier way to make your own cigarettes with such little cost and time. This machine rolls cigarettes quickly, heats up in less than one minute, has a lengthy lifespan – that’s more than four years of regular use on average. The price of this device is unbeatable – it comes at low price points as well!

Also, it fits all standard tube sizes, has 5 density adjustments so you can adjust how tight or loose they are packed together inside your cigarette tube. It also makes rolling easy for inexperienced users who struggle to roll their own tobacco.


The machine’s design is effective, which means you will get great results quickly. It’s also fashionable, giving you the courage to use the device out and about. Furthermore, this automatic small electric cigarette roller is built to last. It is constructed of robust materials including ABS and stainless steel.


The operational voltage of this rolling automated mini machine is 110 to 240 volts. This is quite amazing, as it implies you can use the equipment anywhere in the world. The device is tiny and compact, making transporting it from one location to another a breeze. To get even better outcomes with this device, make sure the tobacco you’re preparing to roll isn’t too dry but rather damp.

The GERUI cigarette roller does not roll papers. Instead, it fills up pre-rolled papers with tobacco via a hopper.

A tobacco hopper is a small plate with an outlet at the bottom. Simply drop in as much tobacco as you want to be injected and the cigarettes will emerge in seconds.

GERUI Cigarette Machine Pros and Cons

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-minus-thin” show_title=”false” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons”] [i2pros] Easy to set up and use;
High quality;
Smooth operation;
Fits all standard tube sizes;
Nice finish;

[/i2pros] [i2cons] Not the fastest operation;
Shreds tobacco leaves like a meat grinder;
The clamp issues are possible;
Doesn’t do slim cigarettes;

[/i2cons] [/i2pc]

Who should use it?

The GERUI cigarette-rolling machine is recommended for smokers who roll their own cigarettes. It’s also ideal for anyone who enjoys making their own cigarettes, whether they’re a novice or an experienced smoker.

It requires no more than 6 easy steps to roll your cigarette with the GERUI Cigarette Machine. Anyone can do it!

The time required is less than 15 seconds per cigarette – that’s about as long as it takes to open a bag of pre-rolled cigarettes and put one in your mouth! And you’ll save money too.

A pack of 20 costs over $20 these days – using this machine could cut down on expenses considerably. With its ease of use, many people will be able to enjoy rolling their smokes without any hassle at all.

Who should not use it? Anyone who cannot follow simple instructions and is easily frustrated. The only other group that might want to avoid this machine are those with a very fast pace of life – they may find the rolling process too slow, though most people won’t mind the time spent at all!

GERUI Alternative rolling machines

If you’re looking for a cigarette machine alternative, there are some great rollers out there that can get the job done. The most popular of these alternatives is definitely RAW rolling papers and their electric roller. This roller works by using paper cones to place your weed into which then feeds it through a shredding blade before spitting out perfectly rolled joints at the press of a button. It’s battery-operated so no need to worry about finding an outlet or bringing along batteries with you on camping trips!

Also, you may try:

  • Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine. This machine, with improved motor speed and gear quality, generates 25% more power. It’s an electric cigarette injection system that produces cigarettes quickly, including 100mm and king-size cigarettes.
  • Powermatic III+. The automatic tobacco loading and jam protection of this electric machine are ideal for those who want to quit smoking without having to buy a new device. It has a hopper with enough tobacco for roughly 30 cigarettes.
  • New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine. The device is durable and simple to use, thanks to its stainless steel chamber. It includes an adjustable knob for making king-size and 100mm cigarettes as well as standard ones.
  • Hawk-Matic Home Use Cigarette Injector Machine. The device comes with a huge flip-top hopper for up to 7 smoking sessions and works with all sorts of cigarettes. It’s constructed from a long-lasting aluminum alloy mechanism that operates virtually noiselessly.
  • Egofine Cigarette Rolling Machine Hand Operation Maker. The machine is made of a solid iron metal that has been spray-coated. It includes three different sizes of cigarette tubes, non-slip pads, and a pleasant grip.


Can you use this for herbal cigarettes?

Most users believe that it is safe to use the device for rolling herbal cigarettes. The device will not overheat the herbs. The herbal cigarette should be rolled in a paper that is strong enough to handle the heat of being run through this machine.

How do you get the cigarette packed tighter?

The tighter the cigarette is rolled, the more smoke you get through to your mouth. You can take a paper towel and roll it around your finger tightly until you have something that feels like it will work well with this machine. The hand motion used should be quick but controlled in order for good results when using the GERUI Cigarette Machine.

Does this work for 100’s?

No, it is used for regular short cigarettes and short King-size RYO cigs.

Does the Gerui auto cigarette roller run on batteries?

No, it uses electricity.

Can this machine use pipe tobacco or does it have to be cigarette-cut tobacco?

Yes, pipe tobacco can be used, but it must be chopped up if the strands are long.

What paper should you use?

This machine can’t roll paper. It’s only capable of loading tobacco into the paper. However, you may purchase our pre-rolled paper instead. This machine is best used with thin paper. A regular cigarette rolling paper works well for this device, but you can also use Zig-Zag or Top papers if that is all you have available to you.

How does one clean this unit after use?

A rolling machine is like a regular filter. The only difference is that it has an extra chamber for the contents of your cigarette to blend and mix with air as you roll them into shape. If you’re using loose tobacco, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, if you’re buying pre-made tubes (which tend to hold more than just tobacco), then cleaning becomes essential. When filling up these tubes, residue tends to be stuck inside of them after use which can cause all sorts of issues once they are rolled into cigarettes again. This often results in cigars being too tight or even burning unevenly because one side is filled with excess material while another doesn’t have any at all!

To clean out the tube of this machine so you don’t have to put up with any of these problems, it’s best to use a cotton swab or pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol. You can also buy extra tubes from most brands and avoid the hassle altogether!

Since this machine is used with a cigarette, there are ashes that will be produced. It’s best to use an ashtray and dump the ashes into it after each time you roll a cigarette. Then give everything a good wipe down before putting your GERUI Cigarette Machine away for storage until the next time you want to use it again. Clean it with a moist cloth and then dry it off.

How do you chop the long tobacco up?

The GERUI unit features a metal blade that is able to cut up the long tobacco into fine pieces. This is one of the best cigarette-rolling machines that you will find online because it actually works.

Can you use your own tips with this machine?

You have to use the premade tubes for this machine. At least, this is what the manufacturer recommends to use for better performance.

What are the different types of cigarette rolling machines?

Manual cigarette rolling machines are the most basic type. You will find these to be very simple and easy to use because you just have to roll them up by hand yourself.

Automatic hand cigarette rolling machines are slightly more difficult to use. These types of cigarettes can handle the tobacco by themselves without any help from humans. This means you only need to put it in the tubes and it will start doing its job right away.

Electric cigarette rolling machines are another common type that you can find. These work only with pre-packaged tubes, but they usually come with a number of options like length adjustment controls or even speed selection buttons for your convenience.

This particular GERUI device is an electric automatic machine that doesn’t involve your participation in the process of making a rolls.

Do automatic rolling machines actually work better than manual devices?

Yes. The automatic rolling machines are able to give you a better smoking experience because they allow you to create the perfect cigarette every time without any problems or complications whatsoever. And many of these products have been designed with very high-quality materials so that there is no risk at all for them to break down after just one use – which allows you to enjoy your cigarettes over and over again!

How to use this rolling machine?

There is no manual labor with this smoking machine since it is powered by electricity.

It’s simple and quick to put together, and it’ll save you money in the long run.

Simply remove the plastic wrap from the tube, fill it with tobacco using GR-05, then replace the cover.

When the tube is full of tobacco, however, you may need a tiny tray placed low to the ground to keep the cigarettes from falling. Small amounts of tobacco will come out of the tips, resulting in a cluttered atmosphere if you are making many sticks. The equipment was created to create medium and king-size cigarettes, therefore attempting 100-millimeter tubes might be difficult.

The tobacco should be able to fit inside the product with a few centimeters of space around all sides.

The best way to fill up your cigarette machine is by putting the tube in first, then dropping it into place after you have filled it full enough that the bottom portion of the tube is covered but still noticeable.

How to pick tobacco for this unit?

It’s best to use tobacco that is somewhat wet (about 16-28% of humidity) or invest in a humidity detector to verify the humidity of the tobacco. Stems should be avoided in tobacco.

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Final thoughts

This was a simple machine to fill and use. It has five density settings and can accommodate tubes of various lengths. This one is appealing to us since it is quick to fill.

In general, the GERUI is a useful gadget to have for anybody who needs a fast way to get their cigarettes rolled quickly with minimal effort. It isn’t perfect, but it will certainly do the task quicker than doing it yourself.